Lts apos toon

Looking to sell this toon does have the ability to be a roq toon as the skills are already there just need to trained or skill injected.

No Kill Rights

Will be in Jita

Does have the ability for JC no implants in at the moment.

Not too far out from having t2 siege for the Apos.

Start bid: 13 BIL ( Or best offer.)

BUMP BUMP ( Place bids like to see how much I’m worth.)

I think its worth a little more then that. Thanks though.

then enjoy waiting… consider my offer retracted, moving on to better toon… good luck to you

BTW, keep dreaming you will get 25 billion isk for a 17 mil SP pilot. impossible!

13 b rdy

offer 13.2b if still for sale

seeming this thread wont get a respond im retracting my offer

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