Apos toon for sale


Looking to sell.

In side of N.P.C Corp.

Will be in Jita.

CCP Rules will apply

Asking 24bil

Has t2 and working on jump cal 5 right now.


12b B/O isk ready and i am online now

15 billion.

Asking for a little bit more, I’m willing to negotiate.

16 bil

16.5 bill

17 bil

@Anette_Sunji message me in game when you get a chance. I will be on in a few hours or so from now.

Message sent.

18b if you dont have a deal yet

18.5 bill

My in-game bid of 19b will expire in 24h.

19.5 bill

Still for sale?


21.5b I can move isk at 0400. Offer up for 24 hours.

Unsure if you agreed in-game please confirm.

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