possitive wallet
no kill rights
possitive security
2 remap
located in high sec Hulm 1.0 system

character is in npc corp a bit lagged pw : 1234

offer 21b

Offer 23b


25B offer


expecting a bit more heigher offers so will wait a bit more.


offer cancel,sorry

offer 25B - ISK ready now

Thank you very much for your offer but i expect a bit more heigher offers or buy out 28.5 bil.

28,5 bil buy out price is a fair price for this type of character waiting new offers. the price level is arround 29,7 bil

25B offer is more than fair for this character. 1b per million sp is the rate for rorq pilots right now. Let me know when you want to accept my bid :slight_smile:

waiting better offers.

Thoughts on my offer?

your offer is too low sorry.



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