(mr tschaka) #21


WTB rorq Pilot
(Somer Adoudel) #22

you wont get a better offer for a rorq pilot than 1b per 1M SP

WTB Rorqual Pilot
(mr tschaka) #23

daily bump

(Spector121) #24

would you care to make a deal???

(Somer Adoudel) #25

20B for the toon

(Shurf Lonly-Lockly) #26

22 bil

WTB Rorqual Pilot
(Evilg Genius) #27

23b offer

(mr tschaka) #28

thanks for offer but expect a bit more heigher offer will wa

(Shurf Lonly-Lockly) #29

23.5 bil

(Riordo Miromme) #30

24.5 B

(mr tschaka) #31

thank you for your offer i want to wait one more day before sell my character tomorrow 18:00 eve time will be final time and will sell to the heighest bidder

(Riordo Miromme) #32

what’s b/o price, i have some thing next day, so a little hard to wait.

(mr tschaka) #33

first it was 28,5 bil but i can lower it to 27,5 bil because have also to pay 1000 plex for transfer. I lower this price from 28,5 bil b/o but as explain i will wait final timer for tomorrow then will sell to heighest bidder.

(Shurf Lonly-Lockly) #34

25 Bil

(Eva Sayers) #35

26 bil

(Eva Sayers) #36

offer cancel, sorry.

(Spector121) #37

price for quick sale?

(Spector121) #38

25.5 iskies plz

(mr tschaka) #39

Thank you but as mention i will wait today 18:00 eve time for heighest bidder. then will sell it. for now you are the heiggest bidder.

(Tara Otomeya) #40