[LU.AR] Lunar Armada! Recruiting pilots new and old! Talk to us today!

(Notorious BiggieSmalls) #1

Lunar Armada greets you Capsuleer!

We are a brand very new corp focused on recruiting Miners, Industrialists and PVE/PVP Pilots into our high-sec home of Asalola.

We are new pilot friendly and low tax, learn and grow with us!

☆ Benefits ☆

  • Regular mining fleets with Orca boost!
  • Lucrative nearby ice systems!
  • (Upcoming) Library of researched BPOs
  • (Upcoming) Corp Buyback Program
  • PVE / PVP Fleet Opportunities
  • Relaxed and helpful atmosphere
  • Alpha friendly!
  • Discord

☆ What we ask for ☆

  • Active, friendly players willing to be team players
  • Ready for exciting, rapid change as corp grows
  • Interest in learning

Love what you see or have any questions? Talk to us.

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