Luggage tags in cargo holds

I suggest development of luggage tags for items in your cargo hold.

You’re flying around, delivering stuff you’ve either make or looted. Taking lots of different things to different locations, I often forget something or bypass a place and have to go back. If you could right-click on an object in your hold and attach a “luggage tag” that afterward would appear when the cursor hovers over the object, that would simplify sorting/organizing stuff in your hold and make deliveries more efficient. If the system would allow sorting by luggage tags, that would be even better. Tags could automatically come off when the object leaves the hold.

Can we also have AirSpaceTags so we can track our cargo about?

What stops you from creating a private courier contract for yourself?

For what… 10k ISK, I think, you then get everything wrapped up in one item. There is only one item to drag and drop when you get to your destination, and the contract+wrap is a record of “which items go where”.

And if you fail your own courier contract, then no biggie anyways.

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