Lunas vanguard needs you

Yes you. We are a growing Nullsec renter corp with ties to the stronger corps in the region providing adequate control of our pocket. We are looking for all types of players from pvpers to industrialist to make this work we will need everyone we can muster.
No requirements
No Rent
5% lp/isk task to keep the lights on(this maybe changed to a flat fee to keep ot fair for everyone while the taxes be set to 0)
We will ask for a brief interview before you join us
We accept any and all members No matter the history please just be mindful if your toon is on the panfam blacklist
As the corp grows the more I will ask poeple to become involved in corp growth via voting and such
Come join us yall we are newp layer friendly and new player focused. HOPE YOU JOIN US!
Contact Darkhope in discord or Beatrix01 in game for details