Lux-P - C2 WH Corp Derping the Derp


(Merkato Cesaille) #1

Lux Permanet ~ Light Remains.

No tears, no salt. Dignity, and integrity.

A C2 Wormhole Corp with designs on becoming a not so little fish in the big scary Anoikis pond. One day.

With fresh lick of paint and new corp structure in place, Lux-P is recruiting experienced and inexperienced players alike looking for the wormhole life. Those who wish to learn, or want to lend their Eve knowledge to help build a corp from the ground up, there’s a home in W-space for you.

Lux Permanet is initially based out of a no effect C2 - Lux, with a focus on Exploration and PvP.

From here we’ll learn and grow. Much experience will be gained and many ships will be lost on our way to making our mark in spooky space.

All Lux members, whether newbro or glittervet, are expected to learn with patience and dilligence, and to pass on their knowledge willingly and constructively. This benefits everybody and allows us to be better prepared to face our future with confidence.

When we have the experience and numbers we’ll branch out and go deeper into Bob’s fine country. We’ll take on the good fights and confront the many challenges which will come our way head on.

The ‘No tears, no salt. Dignity, and integrity’ thing:

How we conduct ourselves in corp and in our dealings with others is of utmost importance to the future direction of this corporation. Through adhering to this simple philosophy we’ll make our name and blaze our trail across Anoikis.

Outside of this it is expected that you log in regularly, participate, and contribute. We’re not just creating a corp from scratch, we’ll build a community

Lux-P Offers a C2 No Effect w/ LS/C2 statics, with access to 1x Astrahus, 2x Raitaru.

  • 5% Tax Rate
  • Help getting started in W-space
  • SKill Books
  • PI Command Centers
  • Industry, Research, Invention
  • Friendly and supportive environment
  • Corp Discord


WANTED - Small Gang/WH hunting FC required to teach us your ways!

  • Doesn’t take yourself too seriously but want to learn/win at shooting people in the face.
  • Looking for a relaxed home and mature environment
  • Logs in 3-4 days per week around EU TZ


  • Join our in-game channel Lux-Public, Discord Lux-Public follow these instructions, or Eve-mail Merkato Cesaille
  • Application requires full API

(Mynxee) #2

Vouch for a great group of pilots. Best wishes for your corp’s success, Merk! :heart_decoration:

(Merkato Cesaille) #3

You’re so on the ball :smiley:

(Este DeStirr) #4

Curious: why?

(Merkato Cesaille) #5

I know then that potential members have grasped some basic mechanics that i wouldn’t need to cover. We’ve had very little in the way of newbro applications yet though.

(Merkato Cesaille) #6

Recruitment bump. Because Lux-P is still looking for you!

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Recruitment bump, cos we’re back in action after a bit of a hiatus!

New Player looking to join some kind of PvP/WH group!
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Bob is calling you, Lux-P awaits.

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Recruitermabob says bump

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Another bump, cos Bob doesn’t sleep and needs MOAR capsuleers!

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Newish player looking for Corp
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