Lux-P - C2 WH Corp Derping the Derp

Looks like everyone is dong the daily bump dance. Here’s my contribution :wink:

To bump, perchance to bump again

Doing the bumpty dance!

Bumpety bump bump

How’s your bump today?

Uber bumpski time!

Looks like it’s time to do the bump again. Love a good bump :wink:

Currently reaching for the bump button

New Year bumpathon!

It’s been a while. Maximum bumpage in effect!

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Hit me up
EU semi vet intrested

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My bumping fu is week!

If you’re still around and interest hit me up. I don’t get on here often enough, so i totally missed your counter bump. Many apologies!

All aboard the bump train!

Bumpage aka Forum recruitment pvp :wink:

My bumping thumb is wearing out

the bumping thumb has recovered a little, time to bump the bumps


The ‘it’s been a while’ bump

This needs updating, but bumping anyway!