[LWMNR] Lone Wolves Mining [HS + LS Moons, Ice and gas]

So, you’re looking at getting sunk with a corporation based on mining?
You’ve picked the right place to be!

About us:
Lone Wolves Mining was founded in August 2023 by M1SF1T after splitting from a nullsec alliance to experience something new. starting with just himself, it quickly grew in numbers to where we are today at nearly 200 members! We operate in Minmatar space, we have steadily grown and continue planning to do so offering members and newcomers a variety of benefits! With our buyback we cater for a large volume of buyback orders a month and we continue to keep this going!

What do we provide?

FREE T1 fitted ventures for you to blow up! EVE is a game where you usually learn the hard way, so we cater to this by providing you hundreds of ventures for you to get comfortable with! Lowsec mining or gas huffing, we provide you a free fit!

Free retrievers for moon mining, once you begin to utilise our buyback!

Buyback for your ore, ice, gas, salvage and PI! We generally buy everything at 88% jita value, re-investing a percentage of the profits into our ever-growing buyback to ensure we can keep tailoring to our growing numbers, with some of the profit also being invested into our booster and recruiters, as well as a lottery ticket for a barge/exhumer for every 200m+ buyback order

We offer moon mining, with half the moons 10% taxed, and half untaxed for our members! the tax pays for the fuel costs and general upkeep as well as more athanors as well as some lowsec moons to mine!

On top of this, we run fleets for gas huffers within lowsec but also in wormholes, with experienced foremen and boosters handling the fleets!

Ice & belt fleets are available daily for our members to spending some time socialising and making isk together!

Alliance-only ran market; getting good prices in an alliance-controlled market to save you on your industrial needs, time or to make some quick bucks, it is regulated to ensure no one pays absurd amounts and remains below or equal jita prices without the need to haul!

Facilities to cover your manufacturing and research needs!

In-house hauling services.

PVP fleets in FW and roams! Ships provided depending on the event!

And most importantly, an active community of like-minded individuals who all play together!

There is so much more I could go on and keep saying, but by all means feel free to join our discord and speak to us there! Lone Wolf Mining

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