Ice & Moon Mining Corp - Looking for New Members!

We are a new mining and industry corp that has the right foundations for growth. We have access to ice belts, round the week moon mining and protection of PVP corps.

We are looking for team players and those that want to achieve their goals within the industrial profession, and have loads of fun at the same time.

Join our public channel ALMDK Public and chat with us!


Best corp ever :slight_smile:

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Haha. Thank you Piorun!

ICE Mining within the same system.
You’ll be spoilt for choice!

You can also come to our discord chat group to inquire about joining us.

See you!

We are industrial corp that lives in high sec with our own moons and there is also ice available. We also have facilities for refining and production.

We are looking for new team members to mine, mission and produce! New or experienced players are great for us.

If you’re sick of getting wardec, we are in a good alliance that has an experienced PVP arm.

We would love to have you! Join the in-game channel ALMDK Public and talk to us today! Or mail, convo - Zalgar VII

I can just say, that’s a best corp I’ve ever been. There is a great atmosphere, many nice people, and plenty of ore to mine :smiley:

We Want You!

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