Mining Corp Recruiting

Hello Miner!

We are a small friendly mining corp looking to expand…
We are looking to expand our production.
We operate in both Low and High Sec.

What we Offer:
Mining OPS [ice. moon goo, ect…]
Friendly enviroment.

What We Need:

  • Both new and Experienced players (not just miners we need players in general!)
  • Recruiters, miners, indys…
    ALL roles need filling!

Join our ingame public channel AREVA PUB


I am just wondering what goals and plans you have for the corp.

I’m returning from a break after kids and looking to join a corp that has goal and plans I can help with and that will also help me with getting back in the game and up and running again.


As for goals and plans… Make isk and have fun while doing it…
But in all seriousness no other goals have been planned yet…

We hope to make some but that will come as members turn up… depending on skills…

We hope to grow big… at least bigger…

Hit me up ingame and we can see what we can do :]

Fly safe…

@Theo_STCurtis Why not make the move to null? Where mining sells at ur home station for jita prices no moving needed, where mining has mining ops up almost around the clock, where mining has a fleet of muninn’s or capitals as a warm blanket on a cold night… where mining is KING. If u want to fly in sov 0.0 space let me know.

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