[LYCHN] Intercepted Rogue Drone Communications

I am also interested, if you find something please let me know.

I’d be surprised if the Triglavian collective wasn’t involved with these developments in some way. When rogue drones first appeared in Abyssal Deadspace, the Clades were divided on what to do about them - and the Navka, one of the three forms of life we’re aware of in the Collective, apparently are capable of communion with them, or even taking up residence in their own drone bodies. The language here certainly sounds like it could be related to the Triglavians, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the changes in rogue activity recently may be connected to their interactions in the abyss.


Greetings Mr Anteovnuecci-Direlle,

Thank you for sharing such interesting details.

Perhaps if someone from the Navka could reach out and let us know about the Rogue Drone activities from their side, or if they are capable of communicating with them.

It would help a lot our studies and really valuable in order to understand their behavior.

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Myself, and I am sure others at the Center for Advanced Technoarchaeology would very much like to help with any Rogue Drone research. It is our focus to examine, observe, and ultimately understand the nature and evolution of these newly emergent life forms.

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