Unknown intercepted transmission

MIDT: Start communication communication is set to: <>…NUCLEUS-7… OPERATION NAME
Report: During the operation, I / we encountered aggression from cybernauts / SPECIAL CONVENTION OF BATTLE FORMS TO ELIMINATE THE TRIGLAV FROM THE CLUSTER /
NUCLEUS-7: Operation successfully сompleted we/I want to ask you/us a question
MIDT: Accepted
NUCLEUS-7: Have you/we noticed an attempt by to hack you?
MIDT: Negative
NUCLEUS-7: Accepted we/you will leave you in the cluster in case of further operations

(This topic part of my faction’s history)

It seems there are some uninvited guests lurking within our midst. Whichever domains ye sails through, Troika’s of the Kybernauts shall intercept & investigate.


Glorification awaits the Sobornost,
Extirpation follows the Unproven

Kybernauts Sub-Clade

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<<Directive-2 is established following this directive, a ship with MIDT N2 must show aggression to all forms “All MIDTS are controlled by <>”>>
Transfer start: “We know who you are, we know who your patrons are, we know what they can do, we know what they want, they barely know about us.” - <> Agent id-333-1212-2243425
“Don’t try to figure out who we are” - Automatic answer


We have faced the Empires & proved our worth in New Eden, and we have faced against immeasurable odds in the Great War of Pochven portraying our resolve in light to the forces who bestowed their swarms of fleets on our domains.

The unknown & ill explored brings no fear to our proving, only complications to those who unyield their faces from it.

We await if there shall be word from the Convocation.

Kybernaut Celltear
Propagare of Kybernauts Sub-Clade

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