The Defense Report I

Report 17A01

As per the final disappearence of the systems conquered by the Triglavians, the general silence of their activities has turned unsettling to many of New Eden’s factions. While many ongoing investigations are in place, some more legitimate than others, to understand the outcome of the invasion, the intelligence comunity has also a focus on the next steps to come. With such aim, infiltrating Pochven is of major importance.

As per last rumored courses of action, strategies for infiltration are varied. Several groups have pledged an undisclosed number of reconaicence vessels to probe Pochven. While no leaders admit to it, there is speculation of feigned betrwyal within CONCORD to earn unpertubated access into triglavian systems. Several enterprises are also researching and reverse engineering filaments of triglavian origin.
Within CONCORD, DED/EDENCOM is keeping silence regarding it’s course of action, while it is argued that a gag order was issued by accord of the four empires.

Recent activity has shown results. While the Amarr navy has had trouble with Redeemer incursions, some modified Purifiers have been able to map some activity in triglavian systems. However, the Amarr have not been willing to share the intel, rumor being that the empire is ashamed with what could be percieved as unimportant intel. This posture has been dictating the overall diplomacy regarding the issue og triglavian intel.
As such only through rumors it known of the Minmatar probes, aided by early intel gathered by Gallente ships of undisclosed faction. Much of the success has allegedly come from the controversial strategy of the Pator Tech School.

As reported by backchannels, a Minmatar probe of 5 heavilly modified Cheetah class vessels was able to scan the systems previously known as Niarja, Raravoss and Harva. The signals harvested produced a codename Svetovid, which engineers have corresponded to a 15km elipsoid, currently emmitig characteristic waves of triglavian ship generators at the edge of Raravoss.

EDENCOM being a shadow of itself, the uncertainty of triglavian plans brought empires to a certain degree of action. It is now understood that the invaders have not actually lost any time, taking advantage of the abundant resources of New Eden.


Sure is a lot of writing and not much proof.

A shadow is putting it mildly. How can they allow capsuleers to have high standings with them and Trigs at the same time? How can they allow capsuleers who betray the empires to still benefit from the empires and be best buddies with Trigs at the same time?

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