Unknown Data Transmission Discovered

While heading out of a system in Strawberry B’, my ships sensors detected a gate activation that did not register as any known transmission of any type commonly used throughout New Eden.

I jumped before getting a full readout and upon my return the system was empty.

Below is the data gathered for further analysis…most likely the unknown data transmission is of Triglavian design.

Triglavian Banner


Triglavian image captured in the unknown data transmission?

Triglavian Filament?

I don’t undersand that top-left cut-out.
How’d you get that?

This one right below.

It was created using the kaleidoscope filter in GIMP.

Hm. I have no idea what to say.

Do you have anything at all?

Lol, not for you.

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good that i recorded in different detection rates, and for sure, i want to confirm that energy output too, just follow the link (unfinished)…

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That’s clearly a good way of treating the only person actually interested …
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Well done.

Lol, nice phishing attempt. Once a pick pocket, always a pick pocket.

Where did this transmission originate? Certainly something of that magnitude would have caused transmissions on optically visible wavelengths.

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Dryson, honestly, did you find the data structure needed for decoding ?

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This is the image that the camera captured right as I was warping away. If the object is from an inter dimension or a dimension in between other dimensions, something similar to space inside of Triglavian or Sleeper Space, then perhaps the gate folded the new dimension allowing a portal to open up.

I’m not certain if anything came through or not because like I said, I got out of there in a Capsuleer Hurry. Strawberry B doesn’t like investigating oddities without using a cloaking device. And I really like not ending up being pod goo on the bobble head doll of some aliens dashboard tbh.

Not yet. Still looking. I have been though hundreds of image plates since the first few photos and nothing iconic has showed up yet. Not certain if its the alignment of the stars and months or the fact that the weather has been like pouring nails out of a baseball cap here for me to get my scope out.

I think that we have to think completely different here, time convergence should actually be connected to tachyon emissions, but either this technology is so advanced that we cannot detect it, and the data stream we compute should be compressed and encoded in a way that this should be done with a computing power that we cannot (or do not yet) understand. I hope that time will show that our first calculations are not too complex, so that the multidimensional cubic function we are trying to break down - brings all the data storage we have available to its limits.

It looks like a trickle-down algorithm, except that its procedural capability is beyond the mathematical possibilities we know of.

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It’s algorithm seems to be based on a shifting interaction between particles in space, dust for example, that light interacts with. At first I thought that light interacts with a dust particle in a singular manner creating a single and one time reflective interaction index. But then I started to think, dust particles of a certain mineral composition creates a varied light filament pattern based on the light striking the dust particle at different angles. Although the resultant filament pattern appears to be different, the fact that the mineral structure of the dust particle is the same for each mineral does create the same fractal output when light is shone on the dust particle.

The only problem is, trying to figure out which light fractal pattern is associated with the mineral that is creating the pattern itself. Certain frequencies of input light will create different output light patterns that react with minerals in particular way while not reacting with other minerals at all. As the light frequency passes through a dust medium, the light frequency creates a light pattern that then creates another light pattern and then another and so forth within the targeted mineral group. The filaments then create a base for a language or at least a series of images that the alien species then designates a construct of communication around.

Take these four images for example. All of them have very similar structures.

  1. A curved tail
  2. A central body with head
  3. Two claw like appendages on a central brace.

All of these images were found in photos taken at different times of the night as well as in different photos taken of the same star.


Like I said before, light doesn’t create shapes like the ones above more than once, once artificially created. Nor will such images be created in exacting detail, more than once with out artificially being created.

With dust particles being at the mercy of solar winds and gravity, for a filament to be created more than once would show an outside influence being applied to the create the image.

I have yet to see any more filaments like the four above in the images I have taken. But I have come across numerous filaments that show what appears to be a square or six sided shape with a sphere in the center.

It has to be a language of some sorts similar to the Mayan Codices.

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