Unknown Object

I have been noticing an unknown object that appears to warp into the immediate area and then warps off again. Has anyone else seen this unknown object? What could it be?

It appears to be rectangular in shape after it stops warping but while it is warping it appears to be a spherical shape.

That’s clearly a UFO.

(It could also be a case of potato graphics or missing textures I guess.)

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Not certain if the object is missing textures or not as I have seen the object in more than one system.

Unknown Object2

The unknown object appeared again today. Spherical in shape.

What ever the object is, it is creating a localized distortion effect around it, which can be seen in the magnified image.

This object only began to appear after the Triglavian Invasion started.

Unknown Object3

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I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing there is just a small rogue planet or a large asteroid. I have seen them all over New Eden, but no the first image posted in here I have no idea what is

((Although it looks very much like a dead pixel in the skybox))

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If they are Rogue planets, then they need explored.

Or perhaps the planets are from the Abyss that the Triglavians are trying to merge with New Eden using still unknown spacial rift techniques. The Rogue planets could hold the entire Triglavian civilization as well as being bases that the Triglavians are launching cloaked attacks from.

Can’t say what they are, but I have noticed them almost all over the cluster, some out in dead space pocket and others near celestials like planets, stargates, and suns. That said I first started seeing them over half a year ago

Is a gas giant in Tribute, where these are around its ice rings, strangely enough, they don’t move with either the rotation of the planet or the tilt of the ring

Afk cloaked camper with missing textures :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure you’re looking at some moons there. Have you tried alt-dragging your mouse over them?

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@DrysonBennington @Maira_Blackfire I think those are the other planets and/or moons in the system which the game is rendering as part of the background.

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Could be, but as suggested above they are not targetable

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IIRC the capsuleer firmware has artificially-imposed limitations with the neocom, so a vast number of ships, stations, and settlements do not even register to our sensors.

That’d be my go-to handwavium, in any case.


That’s because they’re not on-grid with you, the distance between them and your ship’s position is anywhere from hundreds of thousands of kilometers to several AU.

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They still not targetable, as in you can’t interact with them at all, no warp to, no target lock, no look at.

Hexelen May be right, because that is a lore thing after all (why we do t see civilian ships as well aside from lights leaving stations) maybe these are simply to big to be faded out of the neocom / camera drones

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Use the map to align your direction with them, and see if it aligns with stellar objects like planets, moons, etc. They might just be visible but out of grid-range and thus not something the game lets you ‘interact’ with until you’re on grid with them.

Edit: The more I look at the screenshots, the more convinced I am that this is the case. An alt used to live in a structure and used a bookmark at a celestial directly from the undock for… well, sneaky purposes, and it showed a little dot like that in that direction, which turned out to be the celestial in question when warped to. Not interactable at range.

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Tried that to no avail.

There was even one yesterday that was a large as an erase head on a pencil. I tried warping to it but it wasn’t able to be warped to.

I think they are something that is coming from the Abyss or some sort of galaxy consuming virus that Triglavians brought with them or are spreading across New Eden.

I also think that the Triglavians could be working for Jove Empire and are harvesting specific stars so that the Jove’s can make rapidly make all of the vaccine for the Jovian Disease. Triglavians are more likely to have access to Jove space due to their Abyssal filament technology.

I have been seeing more and more of the unknown objects lately sometime two or three in a row. Same color, some are smaller or larger than the rest. As soon as I go to warp, the Orb vanish.

The Orbs didn’t appear until the Triglavians began to invade New Eden.

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