Phantom stations spotted across New Eden, Triglavian influence suspected!

Strange news reaches Gutter Press, about the sudden and confusing appearance of objects that appear to be Sisters of Eve industrial stations, across several star systems !

Mystery !

The objects, appear to capsule-equipped ships as normal space stations, but are unable to be docked with, and appeared without any warning, causing a great deal of confusion amongst everyone who has encountered them !

Bafflement !

Intrepid capsuleers attempted several other ways to interact with the phantom stations, although none appeared to have any effect on the objects.

Obdurate !

The sudden appearance of these phantom objects has caused a number of conspiracy theories to spring up, some linking them to the Triglavian meme worm outbreak that has infected the majority of New Eden’s information network.

Worms !

Gutter Press was able to obtain several opinions on these objects from capsuleers who witnessed them.
“We tried docking with it, then entosising it, then shooting it. After that we kind of ran out of ideas.”, said one nullsec resident.
“I think it’s a plot by Sansha Kuvakei, for his next wave of incursions. Disguising Titans as stations or something”, said another nullsec based pilot.
“First, I thought it was some kind of mass hallucination, but your ship can actually bump into them, so they have some physicality to them, and not just a mental or virtual artifact. There’s definitely something there.”, opined a logistics manager for a major nullsec power.
“I’m fairly sure it’s the first wave of Triglavian invasion into our space. I have no real evidence for this, just seems a bit of a coincidence, coming so soon with that meme worm thing.”, was the concern of an information warfare expert.
“Meme worms, phantom stations, what next ? Three-armed Triglavians stealing all our stuff while stabbing us in the back, that’s what !”, ranted a moon mining director.

Gutter Press. Phantom Objects. Real News.


It’s always good to see quality journalism.


Those Triglavians got their anal probing stations up faster then I thought they would. Expect an increase in Gallente in these areas.

If I made a thread about each time the Neocom shows weird readings, mysterious objects or empty status windows, that’d be at least 100 different threads. Not everything is about some nefarious force at play.

Though I must admit the triglavian data worm and this have a bit too perfect of a coincidental timing. But still, could be just a coincidence.

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Well, yes. But apparently this phenomenon was visible to many different people simultaneously.

One person sees something weird, could just be a sensor glitch. 100 people see the same weird thing ? That is a bit more :thinking:

The Gallente has a word for that " folie a deux " or When two people have the identical delusion — believing something is true which clearly could not be — it’s called a folie a deux , or sometimes a “shared psychotic disorder.” This unusual disorder is more likely to occur in a closely related pair, like twins, or a married couple, who are isolated from other people. Folie à deux means “shared madness,” or “madness for two” in Gallente. If three people share the delusion, it’s a “folie a trois.”

You just have to multiply, this is not an unusual thing. It happends to many, out there in space in a pod alone…

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