Severed arm strikes space station!

Peculiar news reaches Gutter Press from a small asteroid mining station in the outer orbits of Odatrik, that a severed arm struck the station over the weekend, along with several 125mm autocannon shells.

Gruesome !

The crew of the station reported that they regularly encounter small clouds of autocannon shells, amongst other space debris, which they attribute to battlefield debris from the war fought between the Republic and the Ammatar Mandate for decades following the foundation of the Republic.

Debris !

The autocannon shells recovered along with the arm, were found to bear makers marks indicating a manufacturing year of YC 13, meaning that the arm and shells could have been drifting for over a century !

Aged !

Gutter Press spoke with one of the station’s salvage crew, who had this to say: “So, yeah, we pick up debris every so often, junk that’s been drifting for years. And this time, we find this left arm, and get this, it was wearing a sleeve of an old Fleet jumpsuit, and had Sebiestor Tribe tattoos on it. Freaked one of the crew right out, so it did.”

Spooky !

The station crew made a small coffin for the arm, and gave it into the care of the local Republic Fleet base, in the hope that they might be able to trace its owner, or their relatives, and arrange for proper and dignified treatment of the remains.

A Republic Fleet historian had this to say about the issue: “Back in the day, the autoloaders used on the turrets weren’t all that reliable. The turrets were pretty cramped, and occasionally accidents occurred. This could be the result of such an accident. Unlucky fellow.”

The station crew have started a crowdfunding campaign on Heimatar social media , to raise funds for the recovery and dignified treatment of any other human remains found in the system.

Gutter Press. News.


There’s no commentary from exotic dancers.



The price for freedom is an arm and a leg.


Gutter Press really goes out on a limb for its stories.


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