Strange Effects Observed During Seeker/Lancer Scan

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #1

Reporting on a strange occurrence I encountered a number of hours ago: Upon being scanned by Seekers, my ship started to emit a green, mistlike glow with a strange effect rotating around it. I’ve never observed this before, and it only began happening while I was scanned with a Corrupted Trinary Relic and “New Eden Genome Amalgam” in my cargo.

Edit: I’ve confirmed that this is an overarching change, anything they scan now has the effect.

There’s really not much more to say than that, but it’s something new and interesting - I’ll be making efforts to learn more about what might be happening.

Video feed:

(Quelza) #2

Putting aside the fact that you seem to be giving away free intel to potential security risks, this is quite interesting.

I don’t believe my camera drones have ever recorded a similar effect in any other scenario…you might want to get your cargo bay thoroughly scrubbed after this.

(Haru'kai Vidaraltyr) #3

What potential security risks might those be?

I believe that Professor Anteovnuecci, along with ARC policy, tends to be in favour of sharing information for the greater good of the cluster. If there are nefarious elements that may subvert such information, then that is an unavoidable consequence, whereas encouraging more pilots to investigate this phenomenon is probably a general good.

(Quelza) #4

If I failed to make it clear, I was referring to the Sleepers.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #5

I think they probably knew.

(Teinyhr) #6

They most likely did, after all, the Seeker/Lancer/Drifter link is very well established by now. Even if they do not command the seekers and lancers at the very least they can benefit from their operations and to such an extent they are willing to defend them.

Which brings us to the question or something to ponder, why didn’t they appear posthaste to wreckify your vessel and slurp up the remains? Considering how interested they seem to have been previously on the items you mentioned.

(Che Biko) #7

The “strange” effect reminds me of wormholes.

(Woodrow Ormand) #8

Have you attempted to recreate the effect? If it can’t be recreated from a different source it was probably a glitch in your camera drone.

(Woodrow Ormand) #9

This needs to be recreated before it can be counted as a discovery.

(Siegfried Tahl) #10

When they scanned you… was it… bearable? Or perhaps it was more than you can bear? :innocent:

Next time they scan you try activating cloaking device, it shuts some of them down, strangely enough. I reported that long ago, but didn’t figure out anything else. They still react to any hostile action momentarily.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #11

It seems this effect is showing up every time they scan now, regardless of any cargo or signs of life - I wonder what’s different enough about it now that a completely new element is so clearly visible in their activities?

(Woodrow Ormand) #12

Have an independent source verify this, it’s still possible it’s a problem with your camera drone

(Veskin Sentinel) #13

Confirming. I saw the same greenish effect when I was scanned by some Lancers near a gate. I did not have any interesting cargo in my Gnosis ship.

This could probably be some sort of upgrade to their scanning systems, but what exactly it is, that is a mystery.

(Felixia Isu) #14

Confirming as well , my Drake was similarily scanned to reveal the same green mist effect near a gate. It could be an improvement in their technology. I had no interesting cargo in my ship at the time , just a haul of salvage and missles for launchers. Prehaps they could be trying to gather information about ships ?

(Aria Jenneth) #15

I … don’t like that shade of green. At a glance, it looks like the same sort of energy the Drifters use for … well, nearly everything. To date we hadn’t seen a lot of it around the Sleepers, including the Lancers.

(Valerie Valate) #16

I struggle to think of a time in New Edens history where a green mist was a good sign.

Nation, Drifters, Jovians, and now the Seekers. Ominous green mist everywhere.


(Veskin Sentinel) #17

I think you are right, miss Jenneth, that thing really reminds of Drifters.

So… if Pharos of Thera’ s claims are true and CONCORD has tested a weapon that disables Drifter super-weapons (during the timebase experiment), then probably the Drifters have installed some upgrades on the sleepers/lancers, that may be some counter to CONCORD’s ancient trinkets, or whatever they call their secret tech. Gets interesting.

(Felixia Isu) #18

True , you have a point there Veskin. Prehaps tjey are testing their own prototypes to use aganist our weapons or ships in some secret way?

(Morgan Wulver) #19

Would you, or anyone else for that matter, happen to have a copy of one of these corrupted relics for purchase? I am extremely in observing one of these and comparing them in design to other technology.

(Valerie Valate) #20

Now that you mention it… I may have some available…