Fluid Router Glitches in Outer Ring

While I was traveling to the ORE headquarters in Outer Ring I began to notice that the local systems’ fluid router networks were glitching. The “local” channel began spitting out the standard notice pilots see whenever transitioning to a new system, nothing that I would call out of the ordinary if it weren’t for two rather concerning details:

  1. The system listed in the message wasn’t the one I was currently flying in.

  2. When it first popped up, I hadn’t used a stargate for the last seven minutes.

Needless to say, I was somewhat concerned when it kept happening, sometimes multiple times in rapid succession. That concern was soon eclipsed by bewilderment when I noticed there were pilots listed in local who most definitely had not broadcast any open communication. I began to wonder if my map was glitching as well when it told me no one else had been in that system for the last 30 minutes.

By the time I docked at ORE headquarters in 4C-B7X several pilots had begun using the “local” channel to ask what was going on. It quickly became apparent that all but a handful of us were alone in different systems, as the router system apparently decided that the entire region of Outer Ring now counted as “local”.

I continued to hold a conversation about the phenomenon for several minutes, but none of us knew what the explanation for it was. Afterward, I began to wonder if ORE was responsible and the glitch was an attempt to set up their own router network after the Triglavian invasion resulted in CONCORD reducing support for the system in nullsec.

If anyone else has theories as to why this occurred, feel free to share them here.


I know that CCP is dealing with issues in the chat system, and I thought that we could at least extract some value from it.

Good luck, CCP. I love this game and wish you all the best.


There were reports of a summit between ORE, the Syndicate, the Thukker Tribe and others on the subject of FTL networks. I cannot say that I’ve noticed a similar effect out this way though. Something worth monitoring, thank you for the report.

The fluid router system’s been experiencing these glitches all across null. It makes me think CONCORD’s maintenance, not their logistics personnel are the ones who’ve been cowering in abject terror at the idea that Drifters might unexpectedly appear out of thin airless void on them.


I’m back in 4C-B7X, and the glitch definitely isn’t limited to Outer Ring. I’ve spoken to people in both Syndicate and Delve using the “local” channel. Is there a possibility the Triglavians have something to do with this?

Edit: And now there’s a guy from Stacmon joining in.

Yeah, I can confirm low security space is also struggling with the same problem.

CONCORD is just incompetent. Nothing surprising.

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In before region chat becomes local

We had a glitch like that earlier. It was horrible, seeing trade hub spam everywhere. I for one much prefer the blackout.


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