CCP how about your fix yourself

Two desyncs while warping, this is simpleness. I shouldn’t have to relog every other gate.


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Make that three

WTF did you guys break this time.

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Glad I wasn’t carrying somethign expensive since base level operations …like jumping gates…is to much for the server…

…and make that 4 relogs to control my ship.

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Maybe it’s your ISP. :stuck_out_tongue:



We’ve been saying that for years.

The only answer we get is:

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My ISP survived 12 typhoons last year. Most of which I played through with no interuption


Was more of a snarky ironic remark much like " The logs show nothing™ ", might be more clear with a ™ added. Though, sometimes people ignore the possibility of ISP issues which, technically, can be the cause, some temporary issue that nobody could foresee. But to be honest I expect nothing else from CCP to suggest the issue must be at your end and that everything works fine on their side… as per usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s common knowledge that all the nodes in the universe, beyond your ISP’s gateway, belong to CCP.

Yes the problem is nobody can tell for sure where the issue lies. Even cited past experiences mean nothing as still there is the possibility of issues here and now can be caused by other factors beyond CCP’s reach.

I guess this is why a rant is not the proper approach and instead asking if others having connection issues might be a better one, especially if mentioning the region where OP signs-in from as then if others have issues from there but not elsewhere could be a helpful indication that the issue is at their end OR if it is a general issue all over the world then it can indicate it is likely an issue at CCP’s side.


Traceroute is our friend.
I’ve noticed that i have way less DC issues than many people in the US during large fleets. The funny thing is that i live in the middle of the indian ocean.

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Closed, As the topic of discussion is passed.