Decrypted Transmission: Fate Bestowed


/> decrypt -m standard < transmission_yc134_11_3_001.sig
..... .... ...... .... .......... complete!

SV: static “Yes? What’s wrong?”
AM: “Hey. Nothing to be alarmed about. I just wanted to talk.”
SV: “… I told you not to use this channel unless it’s for emergencies!”
AM: sigh
SV: “Precautions are in place for a reason.”
AM: “Do you really need these precautions? You’re so secluded, no one even knows who you are! Besides, this was the easiest way to grab hold of you.”
SV: “…”
AM: “…”
SV: “… Is that all?”
AM: "No I … " sigh “… listen, I just wanted to … talk for a bit.”
SV: “So I’ve heard.”
AM: “No, just … listen to me for a second. It’s been over a year now since…”
SV: “…”
AM: “I wanted to thank you.”
SV: “…”
AM: “You didn’t have to go out of your way like that. I admit, for a time, I wished you didn’t.”
SV: “… I did what was within my power to do. It’s as simple as that. Anyone with the will and the means to save a life would have done the same. The rest was largely up to you. That and the … continued cloning procedure.”
AM: “I know that.”
SV: after a pause “How are you doing?”
AM: “Better.”
SV: “Just better?”
AM: “Okay, much better.”
SV: chuckle “You sure sound that way.”
AM: “Yeah well … having good people to rely on will do that to you.”
SV: “I’m glad to hear that.”
AM: “You can count on me too, you know.”
SV: “I know. I’ve received your telemetry. It’s been very useful, especially when coupled with my observation of the star’s main event.”
AM: “No, I mean … I know I’m useful to you, but … you don’t have to always be alone, you know.”
SV: “… I am perfectly content where I am.”
AM: exasperated exhale
SV: “Though, I’ll admit you’ve certainly done well for yourself, doing what you do.”
AM: “Yeah well … I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for you. So, thank you again … for everything you’ve done for me.”
SV: “Don’t mention it, kid!”
AM: loud exhale “I guess that’s that. I promise I won’t abuse this channel again.”
SV: “That would be much appreciated.”
AM: “See you around, old man!”
SV: “… I’m not that ol–”
AM: [disconnects]
SV: chuckle
SV: “Take care, Alda.”

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