[FRAGMENTED MESSAGE] [Catalogue 87BZ - Item 1245]

Intercept Date: YC 30.09.121

The following message fragments were intercepted near the Saisio system. The intended recipient is considered a Person of Interest


&t has been over & year since we sp&&e. I und&rstand that commu&&&ation is not al&ays possible b&tw&en us while you’re aw&& in the uncharted s&&&ems, but I do &iss yo&r voice. &&&&&&

&&&&&&…&&&&&&&&&…&&&&&&&& [REDACTED]

Thi&gs haven’t be&n the same si&ce father died. [REDACTED]

The money y&u’ve sent helps. I sincerely hope that you acquired it by legitimate means. I remember reading about your… activities on the Ga&&et and how it so u&set mother to learn about what you’d done. At any r&te, the monastery has been restored, and the new clim&&&e control units are working like a dream& There’s flo&&rs here now, and [REDACTED]


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