An Apology

Ladies. Gentlemen. All who frequent the Intergalactic Summit.

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been as active on here recently as I otherwise might have. You see, there have been some disturbing developments in the past few days that I… I am struggling to process.

Two days ago, I was removed from the New Order. I must admit, this was not through my own volition. I had not choice or recourse in the matter. I know not why this occurred beyond it being a judgement by those who claim to represent James 315 personally for vanity.

I can only presume that I have not been a good enough agent and for that I apologise to you all.

I’m sorry I misled you in the words and teachings of James 315. I’m sorry I did not enforce his Code and his Laws as diligently as I should have. I’m if I did not do enough to free you from yourselves.

I am sorry mother and father than I could not save you. Again.

I do not know what will become of me from here nor, more importantly, who will preside over your salvation in my stead. I gave my life and the lives of my crews to the Code for the betterment of the entire cluster and yet I could still not give enough to be righteous.

If I am honest, I am lost without my life’s purpose. I do not know what to do or where to go. Whilst many of you may have disagreed with me in the past, I appreciate that none have gloated in my failure until now. You have free reign to do so if you wish - it is a suitable punishment for failed Agent of the New Order.

Ange des Larmes

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I’ve no reason to gloat.

But perhaps it’s time to give up on some madman’s cult and follow the True Faith?
If you are lost, God can help guide you to where you need to be.

I’m happy to talk if you feel that you want to.


The New Order is not a cult. James wrote many times about how it was not and how the New Halaima Code of Conduct is the legitimate governing document of High Sec. He’s the Saviour of High Sec and I am his messenger.

Was his messenger. Was

As I am no longer worthy of meditating on the writings of James, I guess it wouldn’t do too much harm to learn more about your God. I cannot lose more than I have already.

Then I guess I’ll be in touch soon.

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Well … at the risk of sounding horribly arrogant: with this, you become about a thousand times more interesting, Ms. des Larmes.

Whether Paladin Elkin manages to persuade you or not, ma’am, I look forward to finding out what sort of person you are.

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I’d actually suggest not.

She’s lost, adrift. The thing she’s used to define herself has been torn away. She’s going to be looking to replace it with something. And whatever she latches onto, she’ll throw herself into with the desperate zealotry of a convert. But that very desperation is a problem for your goals. It means she’s less likely to come to a decision because she truly believes that you’re right, and more likely to force herself into a false devotion. She’s more likely to become aggressively zealous, potentially violently so, just because she’s trying to convince herself that her belief is true… and knows, deep down, that it’s not.

Desperation may give an opportunity for conversion, but the faith it creates is hollow, and prone to self-destructive backlash if the convert finds that faith still has… gaps.


The end of your career as CODE. doesn’t mean the end of your utility as Capsuleer. The ideas of James_315 (as yours, so) are a bit absurd and threat the security of all the existent empires… but they’re however ideas. Changing the way of your life after your past can modify and improve your ideas that could also become better and more adaptive than the James_315 one. The Gallente Federation can help you to do that and/or to restart from a new life depending on your ideas, your thoughts and your dreams.

In time you’ll come to realise that they have just given you the best gift they possibly could have.

Some of New Order ideas looked actually quite good, for example, promoting respectful behavior, and I would myself stand for this. On the other hand, most of the time it is used just as a screen as a sort of excuse for a petty piracy which is conducted by CODE on a daily basis.

I hope you will find a way to free the burden of their crimes from your heart. I could suggest listening to Captain Elkin advices.

As for Arrendiot…
Well, it was said multiple times already and maybe you have felt it yourself being in CODE, that they are almost parts of Goons already. Just CODE hides their piracy behind a cult, and Goons… they’re just jaded murderers, doing the same but instead of cult they use… how kids call it in GalNet - “trolling”. So you can see why people like Arrendis would be gloating about you, being kicked from CODE is the same as being kicked from Goons.

But I can tell you… it’s really for the best. It’s really better not to associate yourself with people like Arrendis and her ilk.

Captain Elkin, on the other hand, is a capable and honorable person. I am not of the Faith myself, but I do believe it will help you to heal your heart.

This is sad. :frowning: I am an awful little miner, though, and I am selfish enough to hope that we might be able to be on better terms now. Would you like to have lunch?


Absolute nonsense.
Code must die in flames.
Exiled or no, you shall not be exonerated.

Freedom must prevail over all else.
The weak must conquer the strong.

Oh, cmon, only because of Freedom CODE kills miners. You can’t just on one hand wanting to destroy them and on other hand praise what allowed their existence in the first place.

Take away freedom, and there won’t be CODE anymore. They are only exercising their freedom in killing innocent industrialists. If you praise freedom, you praise their crimes as well, because freedom allows it all.

It’s the freedom that is the root of all the evils.

Praise Bob. ■■■■ the rest.

And people accuse the Intaki of following a weird cult. Seeing is believing.

If you send me a mail with your schedule, I shall endeavour to make mine match yours. It has, after all, been cleared somewhat in recent days…

I am being converted? Why, thank you for letting me know!

I would thank you to know that I know in my heart what is right. I merely plan to talk to Ms Elkin to open up my eyes to how others walk. As you said yourself, I am lost. I need to learn how to be my own guide. The Supreme Protector always celebrated ingenuity, after all!

Does the Gallente Federation also insult the beliefs of others on a semi regular basis whilst promoting their brand of ‘freedom’? I was born on Intaki V. You and your kind left us to rot in a war zone and are not doing anywhere near enough to protect the Intaki now. All the Gallente care about is their wealth, their ostentatiousness and their free market. At least the Caldari are honest about how profit holds the ultimate power.

No! Never have I felt close to those mining nullbears! They are nothing to do with the Code! Yes, the New Halaima Code of Conduct declares that:

The New Order of Highsec continues to recognize The Mittani as the legitimate Chairman of the CSM. This determination remains the rule in all New Order territories.

Does this mean the New Order are Goons or that James is beholden unto them? No! This is a slander that would normally lead to you challenging someone to a duel, Ms Kim!

I have never hated miners. My parents were miners. I dislike unregulated mining as it leads to the exploitation of local resources that non-capsuleers need to survive. As long as you agree to ensure you are correctly permitted and do not mine in a manner that could be considered greedy, the New Order had no problem with you as a miner.

I will, therefore, accept your offer of lunch as long as you can prove that you are not one of those aforementioned exploiters.

I think this may be the first time I agree with Ms Kim. Even in the New Order we acknowledge people will perform tasks and duties that we find undesirable but acknowledge are necessary. You are free to mine, to haul etc. so long as you remain compliant with the Code. There is no difference there to any set of laws in the ‘bastion’ of ‘freedom’ that is the Gallente State.

That is, in fact, exactly what the aim of ‘let me talk to you about the Amarr faith’ is, yes.


It isn’t even only when we say ‘let me talk to you about the Amarr faith’. Goodness. Ask anyone; they will tell you straight out that anytime we say anything to you–about what sort of roll you want with your coffee, for example–we are trying to convert you.

Alas, they won’t even be joking.

this is your opportunity, to become a better agent! join CODE. Origin and let me guide you!

Hmm, I didn’t really imply James himself is beholden unto them, I don’t know the guy or his ideas, so you’re just making it up. What I do know is that the organization itself has more than amical ties with, how you called them, “mining nullbears”, there even was a drama that a CODE pilot was kicked out because of attacking Goons.

If you wish, I could try to find these stories for you.
But I am not taking my words back on the issue, so if you wish to challenge me to a duel for that, I’ll be at your service. I’ll just remind you that you didn’t have honor to fight me when I did challenge you, so would it have a meaning at all?

I will also be in touch.