An apology

I wish to apologise publicly to the owners of “Watchkeepers” in Amarr EFA. It was wrong of me to react as I did and I will gladly pay the full cost of the repairs required as a result of my actions.

Eloise Kingdom.

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Story time?

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Story Time?

Once upon a time there was a Numpty that thought he was better than me because of my background. He thought he could use me as his plaything.

Drinks were spilt.

The chair was damaged when I hit Numpty with it.
The table broke when Numpty collapsed on it.
The partition was broken when I threw Numpty through it.

I have agreed to pay the owners of Watchkeepers for the damage and make a public apology to them for the disruption. They have been most tolerant in this matter.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Except Numpty.
I don’t know what happened to him.
And I don’t care.


Never met an Amarrian I would consider apologizing to. scoff If I were you I’d make em pay you for your troubles, not the other way around.

She is an Amarrian. Silly tribal.


Figured, but it wasn’t your typical amarrian self-righteous crap…I think this one has a little fire in her, can we keep her?


Way to go Ellie: still a Mine Rat at heart!
From slave to citizen to being accepted by the Society. I’m proud of you, my sister.


He was probably asking for it.

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I have spoken with Miss Kingdom and i am satisfied that she acted in accord with Honor for herself and the Societas and she has my full support. The owner of the bar has been reimbursed and apologized to for the incovenience. As for Numpty? I don’t care either. I consider the matter closed.


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