An Apology

Gee, I wonder if it has something to do with the habit of proselytizers preying on emotionally vulnerable people? For example, disillusioned looking for something else to latch onto? Addicts replacing addiction with another? Some Amarr have switched to the tactic of “conquer with perceived kindness” - that’s how they got Aria Jenneth - offered her a bowl of soup when she was down and nowadays she sings the praises of those who fed her, as the old saying goes.


Ange, read your mail. Your corporate leadership was found in violation of the New Halaima Code of Conduct and arrested by agents of the elite Khanid Mashtori. There have been no complaints registered against you, and you are encouraged to join either New Order Logistics or Knights of the Order, as your name is still listed as an agent in good standing. Remember, James is with the faithful, always!

Alizabeth, too.


My leadership were found in breach of the Code? Become a better Agent?

I thought I was a good Agent. I was taught everything I knew by Viirilithizu Ward and Shadow Cyrilus - agents with nearly 2,000 enforcements between them. I first meditated on the writings of James 315 within the walls of the Highway Police - walls that once held great Agents like Lewak and even yourself, Overmind. Remember when we would go out on patrol together?

But if my leadership was in breach of the Code, I now have to wonder if I was ever even supporting James in the first place? Were they leading me down a darker path that did not have the best in mind for the poor and downtrodden of New Eden? Have I been living a lie until now?

You stated in your mail, Aiko, that Highway Police was disbanded as it was a vanity project for Ward and Shadow and did not serve James. How could I ever rejoin the New Order if I never truly was a part of it?

You have truly destroyed my life, Aiko! You have shed the scales from my eyes and led me to a place where I now know all I have done… was wrong. I have murdered innocents not to save New Eden from itself, but to make others feel more important. I have so much blood on my hands…

I shall not cry in public - not again, anyway - but I wish you had at least performed an enforcement on me. This method of re-education is by far and away much crueler even if it is fully deserved.

Yes, that’s why you yourself have expressed doubts about James, and have not hastened to return to his embrace. The Highway Police had many fine moments, but it was all a veneer of justice, overlying grotesque sin and wretched vanity. You are of course welcome to join us again, but if you choose this moment to leave and betray your saviour, just understand that you will need to obtain a valid mining permit.

You’re speaking like an Intaki Syndicate member, maybe they could accept you there. Problem solved.

In any case, remember that your homeworld has been sold by the Caldari in an auction like they always do. The Federation had his dark times, this being know that. But this being is also tired to repeat that. So please, stop talking always to the past and hope that the next election a decent president like Aidonis Elabon could be elected.

This kind of thinking alone is a pretty valid argument for separatists, also Syndicate is a lot more than just “grr Gallente”, if it’s even that.

Let us keep in mind that it’s our will that there shall be no Federation Navy presence in the Intaki system, a will that has been reiterated well after the pendulum war has started.

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This being just reviewed the Intaki summary and his history. It’s all fault of the Gallente-Caldari war if there’s another separatist faction. Sadly, the nihilism of the Federation and their old ultra-nationalist leaders combined a mess that can be repaired only with time and REAL determination.

Origin has a history of offering a home to the lost and banished, and ALXVP could always use more pilots to keep the system safe.

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