[BREZE] The Ronin Wind - Public Statement

Firstly, I offer my sincere apologies to the members of the Summit for my lack in timeliness in addressing the nearly month old news of my Mercenaries being signed on with Aegis Militia.

I understand thoroughly that our group’s admission into the Alliance is confusing at best and anger inducing at worst but I would seek to calm the tempers of those on the fence. There are pilots and capsuleers amidst the stars that have opted to remain independent, I count myself as one such. There are men and women who search these stars with poor reputations… and I have seen quite a large amount of anger build up for Aegis Militia’s good will of reaching out to those estranged pilots.

Make no mistake, The Ronin Wind are contracted to be here, but any idea that we would turn a blind eye to anything resembling atrocity is something I would dismiss. We are willing to extend a hand to those pilots cast away from the fold in order to offer them a path forward, and as long as Aegis Militia upholds it’s words in efforts to construct a better working relationship for those independents who simply wish to lend a hand (which I will be glad to place my efforts as a voice of tolerance) our agreement shall continue unabated.

I don’t care about the history of the Alliance, I do care about where it goes from this moment forward. My intention is to assist Aegis Militia in it’s pursuit to grow as I was contacted to do.

Thank you for your time and as always I look forward to meeting in the dark seas of night sky, both as enemy and as ally.


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