[M3NTL] Quantum Resonance | Vanishing Assets | C4 WH PvP-PvE | Not your Typical Alliance!


(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #21

Looking for more players to grow with us! ! !

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #22

A New Year and a new Day! Life in the C4 has never been better!

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #23

Posting to the Daily Reminder, that We are recruiting! <3

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #24

Recruitment is open! Come join us!!

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #25

Good morning Pilots! Yearning for Excitement yet ? No parts of Eve will get your heart racing than Wormhole life! Come check us out!!

(Lord RaspberryPi) #26

This is a realy good corp, even if you are relatively new in hi sec its the perfect thing to take your game to the next level.

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #27

Recruitment is OPEN for members, we want to show that Wormhole space is nothing to be feared!

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #28

Daily Reminder that our Recruitment is OPEN! Looking for USTZ and EUTZ Pilots!

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #29

Recruiting those excited to give wormhole life a try! Inquire within!

(Lord RaspberryPi) #30

This is a truly excellent corp, its ok to join even if you are relatively new to eve.

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #31

Recruitment is still open! Pop in have a chat, we have COOKIES!

(Lord RaspberryPi) #32

If you are looking to make some good isk join today!

(Scorpnet Dotcomm) #33

Daily Reminder that we are still recruiting!

Ever get tired of giant mega corps screaming and hollering because you lost you 2 isk Ibis for whatever reason ?
Are you tired of the Drama that Nullsec has ?
Are you sick of CTA after CTA after CTA and you just want to unwind from a long day of work ??

Seriously, Give us a shot. We may be small but we have big goals! We are aiming to build a Non-Toxic Community where Killboards are only a stat the elite use.
We wont yell at anyone for losing ships, We understand there is a fine line between losing ships and being dumb so if it gets to that point, all we will do is try to help without tearing you down!
We have no Political Drama ■■■■■■■■$
We dont have mandatory play times, Mandatory Ops, Mandatory Anything, so if you just want to login for an hour after that super long stressful day at work and lose a ship or two, GO FER IT!!!

Seriously, We are here to have fun, Not be a second job!!