Vanishing Assets | WHSOC | C5-C5/C2 C3-HS | PvP | Become the Unknown!

Creating the Unthinkable!!

Have you ever wondered what the big deal about Wormhole space is ?
Are you Tired of the Political Drama of Null Sec ?
Are you sick of the constant War Decs from Highsec corps ?
Do you seek Dank ISK while having Adrenaline pump in your veins from PvP ?

Look no further! Vanishing Assets is now recruiting players who want to experience Wormhole life.

Who We are

We are a C5 Wormhole group, in with WHSOC Alliance. We firmly believe Real Life comes first so there will never be any drama if you cannot Login and play! Play how you want, when you want as long as Fun is involved! There are no CTA’s so there will never be any Forced Dispatch, or Forced Training!
We accept Skilled players for C5 life, PvP and all that shenanigans, and New players to live in a C2 and learn why Wormholes are the way to be!

We don’t believe that you absolutely need a hateful, toxic attitude to be good at this game, or PvP. You can make mistakes, and learn from them without everyone yelling hateful slurs about you, or your mother, or anything in between. We actively remove Toxic behaviors in the corp, and is actively encouraged against it.

We are not an “Elite” PvP group, nor do we pretend to be, Here is our Killboard:
We aim to have fun in PvP, not to make this a serious Job.

We are new to the C5 Highway, and are actively building up our new home, and working hard to build it up. There is always bumps on the road, We are not afraid to admit it.

What we have to Offer
There are many Benefits we have to offer, the top most being:

  • Non Toxic Environment, We and our alliance actively removes Toxic Players
  • PvE Groups
  • PvP Roams,
  • Amazing Ratting and soon to be amazing mining opportunities
  • Never boring always something going on
  • Full Buyback program for Ore, Ratting, Exploration and everything else
  • Fun Atmosphere
  • Full and Constant PvP Opportunities
  • Neutral Logistical Services
  • Very Active Alliance
  • C2 and C5 Wormholes

What we Require

  • Discord and Teamspeak usage
  • Full Non Expiring API Key
  • Great Attitude
  • Willingness to train into Corp/Alliance/Coalition Doctorate ships
  • Willingness to learn about how to survive J Space and Bob’s wrath!

For more information, or to start the application Process Please either Join our Public Discord or join our In game public Channel!!

Discord Servers:

  • Corp Discord
  • Public Channel: V-A Public
  • Alliance Channel: The Doppler Effect PUB Crawl

If I am unreachable on Corp Channels and Discord, please try alliance and ask for Vanishing Assets Recruitment and Leadership!

Remember, There’s always a bigger fish!

NOW taking Applications for Corporations to come and join the fun!

Explore the possibilities !

Can confirm, good folks here :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mr McSalts! It is much appreaited!

Heed the call Citizens of New Edan! Come show Bob how we do it!~!!!

Recruitment is always open!@ Taking applications for the C5 crew for skilled players, and C2 crew for the Low SP and new players of Eve and WH life alike!!

Come join the adventures of supreme isk making, and learn how wormhole space is amazing!

Recruitment is still open!

HA HA, Well now. We call this the act of Winning!

Recruitment is still open, always looking for those pilots wanting to live the C5 Highlife!!!

Recruiting New and Old, Bitter vets and Noobs who think they are big! Come one come all!!! Lets make peoples Assets Vanish!

RAWR! haha, Didnt know I was there did ya ? Come join us and see why Wormholes are the best part of eve!!!

Join us for WH fun!

Recruitment is Still OPN!

Recruitment is still OPEN!

Always looking for more pilots!

The Tides of war have turned! Atlantis has risen! Always looking for more pilots to live the life!

Edited to make Wormholes great again!

Continuing to explore the endless possibilities of wormholes!

Continuing to recruit for high class wormhole life!

hey, after 4 years of not playing a friend and i have come back to the game… we ran a c5 armor buffed wh and did well, walked away after a year with 80bill each(we ran 12 toons between us) we are looking to tread lightly back into the game… by buddy is all about pos’s and industry and hates that we cant run a pos with a new corp… i told him the alternative is living in our own hole and getting ganked 5 times a year and not having friends to pvp with… i think he is prepared to run empire space industry crap to make his isk… me i make isk to pvp but im 4 years outta the game and need a big hand to bring me back in and get good again… between us we can bring anything needed for pvp and sleeper ratting… we can come in light or heavy, mostly we want to build a good relationship and find a way to maybe franchise???( so he can do his stupid industry and pos ownership without having to go it alone…) i just wanna have fun and go out on gangs and gank players like we used to be running 5 toons at a time … ive got Guendalyn an archon/revelation pilot, Blasphemee command ship maxed t3 t2 all races, ambrosin scan pilot maxed and i think i was training him towards a moros… anyway i dont care how many toons i join with i just wanna get playing again and both of us can bring what u need… ultimately wed like to try and find a way to do industry and t3 production(for brian) and pvp for me without you guys having to worry about pos ownership in your wh’s… my point is we want to tread lightly in and be team players and down the line maybe a little trust(which is hard to find in eve) we can get a bit of wh space to call our own … eve is hard that way… brian can bring i think 3 repping carriers and a moros maxed, as well as a loki maxed brian is east coast and i am seattle, brian is friday thru sunday im all week…

@Blasphemee Im glad to hear from you, why dont you drop by our Discord (Link above in post) and we can have a chat!!

To everyone else: THIS JUST IN! Now accepting Corporations for alliance applications!