[M3NTL] Quantum Resonance | Vanishing Assets | C4 WH PvP-PvE | Not your Typical Alliance!


Vanishing Assets is looking for players of all aspects of New Eden!

Bitter Vets to brand new toons! We are recruiting players for Small Gang PVP, PvE and Industrial aspects of Eve.

We are building from the ground up a new Corporation, and a New Alliance headed by Vanishing Assets. We will start small, but grow to greatness!

We Offer New Player help and guidance in any aspect of the game. Day one players will find a helpful group of players to learn from, and a home with the best part of the game!

We offer a good system with plenty of moons for Moon Mining and PI !

We Firmly believe that Real Life comes first over anything in the game. Thus, we will never have any CTA’s or any other fleet, event, or anything that we will REQUIRE you to log in and participate or be punished. Your Participation is always appreciated, but never forced. You play this game how you want to play the game!

We also firmly believe in having a Non-Toxic Environment, where we treat every Alliance member like a member of the family. Any and all toxic behavior will not be tolerated!

We are accapting Alpha accounts, and new players at this time, however please keep in mind due to the nature if Wormhole space, Omega accounts are highly preferred. We have a system in place to help jump start new players to making isk while in a high class wormhole, and intro-to pvp activities. No matter how many SP you have, you will be useful in one aspect or another!

Also, please note, We are a community starting from the ground up, We are not some giant mega group who always has something going on. Our activity is a bit low right now, and will remain as such until we grow more. This is a downside to small corps and alliances, however it also breeds Family, and Comradeship much quicker and family environments, at least in my opinion, breed a much better play experience.

Quick Highlights:

-What we Offer:

  • Alliance - Corp Building: Small Community, we treat you like Family!

  • Non Toxic Environment

  • New Player Friendly

  • Veteran players wanted!

  • Planets to build 3 T4 PI

  • Lots of Moons for Moon Mining

  • C3 Static for Low SP Player PvE, Access to Empire Space, and Possible PvP Fights

  • C5 Static where the Real money gets made! Can always find PvP Somewhere down this chain!

  • Magnetar Hole

Some of our Future Goals:

  • Build The Alliance to Multiple Member Corporations

  • Have a strong infrastructure set up in home system

  • Aim for a Higher Class Wormhole C5 for a possible Home

  • Weekly and Monthly PvP Events

What we Require:

  1. Positive Attitude

  2. Willingness to learn, and take advice

  3. Willingness to train and follow doctrine ships

  4. Full SSO Account access for Auth System

If you are interested Please contact us via one of the options below:

To make your Application process a bit more expedited, if interested please authenticate all of your toons to our auth system before talking to a Recruiter. This is not required first, but we will require it at some point during the application process. It will speed things up for us if you do it while waiting! Thank you!

Auth System: seat.m3ntl.space

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Lets all have some fun Getting Killmails in Wormhole space!

Now living in a C4 ! ! ! ! New Home, New Opportunities, Always fun! <3

I love Warping to an Obvious Trap, Killing the Bait, Springing the Trap, then escaping before you can die to an an overwhelming force! Just another day in Wormhole space!!! <3