WE WANT YOU! New Player friendly corp

If you are looking for a HS/LS/NS/wormhole corp taking in new players. We are a non-war eligible corp looking for new members with different backgrounds, it doesn’t matter if you are new in EVE or a Vet, we welcome all players who wish to join us.

What we have to offer?


  • Sleepers, Abyss, FOB’s, EC’s,
  • Ship replacement programme
  • Experienced FC’s


  • Orca boosts
  • BPO library
  • Invention, Reserach, etc.
  • Manufacturing
  • Wormhole Gas
  • Small Gang fights & Large Fleets


  • No drama
  • Respect (blue)standings!
  • You must be on voice coms

Questions? Join us on EOIXX Pub in game or on Discord