Madullier Cybertech Recruiting

Greetings one and all;

Madullier Cybertech is a High sec RP industry Corporation based in Republic space. We are currently recruiting and rebuilding after a period away. Cybertech has plans for more than just high sec industry but for now, that is our goal while we build up and train up pilots.

We have orca support, Freighter ability, and work with at least one other corporation for mission running and other operations. We offer Ship replacement for ships lost on official ops. We provide Mining ships for our members, be they Ventures, Procurers, Rets, or Covetors.

We have an ore buyback program for ores not gained during the weekly corp mining ops. as well as providing BPC’s of most ships in the game to our members.

We are currently looking for
Mission runners

Join our public channel for more information. MadCy_Public

Cybertech recruiting is still open

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