many of us have had to move recently. to restart PI in our new homes we need to destroy our old planet setups. it would be really helpful to have a destruct option at the primry planet interaction window.,
currently you have to view the planet, locate the command center, click on it, then clcik the destruct icono, then click proceed, then finally slide over and clcik submit.
how about a simple option on the interaction screen or context menu to “destruct” with perhaps an “are you sure”

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I agree … however I would also see a very LARGE uptick in players requesting that CCP UNDO their I ‘accidentally’ deleted my PI. If I was a Customer Service person I know which option I would go with, lol.

CCP has a number of things that are a click followed by are you sure. its the multiple clicks combined with finding a graphical image to select before you can even begin that sticks in my craw. and… you still have the slide across the screen to yet another location to hit submit that just seems like tooo much for such a simple action

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