Make Solitude great again!


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Stop looking for that perfect fit cause this is it!
HELLKNIGHTS is a small corp with big goals. We are looking to grow and need all types of pilots.
Industrial, pvp, and pve. No mandatory ops so your free to do what you want to do. Corps focus has been industrial but we have shifted pvp focus. No sov warfare, no huge alliance warfare. No stress corp, family always comes first. Plenty of mining or ratting to help support your income need.

Preferences not required- 10mil skillpoints
Active US tz
Willing to learn and or teach
Thick skin (no crybabies)
Discord and TeamSpeak
Full api key required
Contacts- Massia
dewmandias thedew

Or join HELLK recruiting

Returning Player, industry/exploration focused 98 mill sp
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Great again xD I bet those 2 words put off a lot of people from reading this.

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Taco Tuesday is coming fast!!! Don’t miss out!!!

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Taco Tuesday has come and gone. Don’t miss free Frisbee Friday!

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Massia is a great dude and it is always a pleasure to fly with him o7

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still recruiting!!!

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bump again

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bump once more

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bump the hump

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