Make the green safety greener

The default safety for all new players should be safer.
I don’t know if this means to revisit the current green safety or to introduce an higher setting, most likely the latter, but there should be a way to completely forbid all hostile action, even against criminals.

The goal here is to prevent new players (and old noob ones like me) from getting baited on a can or something else.

Criminal engagement mechanics are hard to get and even harder to memorize. Some player exploit this complexity and target players, often new, in a way that is not really engaging, satisfactory, or even healthy for all the parties involved. This is also aggravated by the fact that it happens in high sec, a context where players are relaxing, enjoying the game, and feeling relatively safe.

By having a safer setting and by applying that by default to all new players, it will be possible to save them from doing anything that can get them in trouble and it will end the “baiter” game style once and for all.

oO ? you cant to any agression that gives you suspect or criminal timer ? xD
the saftey green is only saftey for your own stupidity ! otherwise maybe you could controle your agression still if you had saftey´s on red xD

if oyu got baitet on a suspect then its a lerning ! you cant start an agression ! if you got baitet then he “startet” the agression against you and you was naiv enough to engage him …

let your safty on green and ignore everyone oO if you start PvP then dont cry that your oponent shoots back and kills you !

why should this stop ? if you want to be safe then ignore everyone and dont interact with peaple outside of chats !

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Unfortunately this is really not how people always get into this situation.
There are elaborate scams to trick people into shooting a suspect, exploiting a setting where people are not aware of what is going to happen and just want to help. It does involve baiting with a smaller ship and having a new ship ready on grid. It involves multiple alts and so on.

I don’t find this kind of play style healthy for the game or any of the individuals involved.

Given a higher safety, if someone shoots your target, you still have the option to turn it to normal/current green and shoot them back. Nothing should prevent that of course.

Having a default safer setting, just serves as reminder so that people are not caught off guard and will be notified when doing, as you said, something stupid.

Do we really need something beyond the current confirmation button? There’s a fairly good explanation already…


There is no confirmation button currently to attack a crimiinal.

Or someone with suspect status or a security status of below -5, if I’m not mistaken.

and i dont care how they got into this situation … oO

there is no problem because there are way less suspect baiters out there then gankers and stil ganking has no problem !

yes maybe they catch one per day but why should this be important ? oO its one player of tentousends players per day …

Criminals in high sec are in the process of getting Concorded. At that point it makes zero difference if a rookie decides to shoot the criminal, as the criminal could already shoot them: The criminal literally has nothing stopping them anyway (What’s going to happen, Concord going to blow them up twice?) What is not-shooting a criminal-getting-Concorded going to protect them from?

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You are right, I meant suspects and not criminals.
They are not going to get CONCORDed and if attacked a limited engagement timer with them starts where they can shoot you back. This is fine of course, but it would be best to have a default setting where you can not shoot suspects, so that if you really want to, you have to change your safety settings and then shoot them. This will make any player, especially the new ones, think twice before engaging suspects and falling into baits.

The rules in EVE Online is becoming more and more complicated. It is ironic since on the other hand they are doing alot of stuff to accomodate “the noob”.

I dont know if making the green safety greener is the solution so much so that simplifying the engagement rules, criminal flagging and various timers that prevent you from doing xyz. But maybe that would probably be better.

if you dont want to shoot suspects then just ignore them ! its not that hard and new ppl have to lern the game ! if you take all risk then they never lern something

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