Making null sec fun again

(Nei Lan) #1

I invite you to give The Concilium Enterprises a look.

Tcone is a null sec corpbelonging to Mordus Angels (MOA) which is an alliance who has lived about 10 years in null sec. MOA has a long-standing history of standing up to the big guy and have earned the respect of most of the major sov alliances. We hold space in 2 regions including space near NPC factions Mordu’s Legion and the Sisters of Eve.

Due to location and access, as well as relative safety, the ISK making opportunities are virtually unparalleled for the eager pilot.

The Concilium Enterprises (TCONE) has a colorful history itself. With a knack for adapting to the ever-changing eve landscape, combined with many long time players, we run a unique, broad spectrum of professions in the eve universe. We are one of the few corps who can actually back up the claim that we have a role for everyone. As awesome as TCONE is in the eve universe, what truly sets us above the rest is our community. We’ve forged lasting friendships and have many real life meet ups. This was be our second year renting a house in Iceland for fanfest, andand we had an awesome time together. We have meet up’s at EVE northeast, EVE-Vegas and EVEsterdam, as well as some TCONE specific meet ups (and TCONE friends of course). In TCONE RL always comes first, and even better, we want to hear about it.

Our first trial with an alpha clone went very well, so we welcome alphas too. In fact, he made full member and enough ISK to buy his first plex for Omega status. Our training program and newbro/sis assistance program will get you up to speed in no time.

There’s hundreds of competent corps out there, we’re offering a true home. We wish you an awesome time in eve, no matter who you chose to fly with, we need people to shoot at too. Either way, we’ll knock back a drink with ya at an eve meet up.

Join our public channel (TCONE Public) or contact Johanas Gutenberg or Nei Lan for more information about our corp.

(Nei Lan) #2

We are still looking for new recruits.

(Nei Lan) #3

We sure are fun!

(Bill HInkley) #4

I’ve known my TCONE brethren for quite a while now, and am proud to be a member. I have also brought newbros and RL friends to the game and into TCONE, whom were welcomed with open arms. We would love to have you join us!

(Nei Lan) #5

Great bunch of people here.

(Bill HInkley) #6

Come make pewpew with TCONE! #content

(Bill HInkley) #7

Come make big 'splosions here!! Content Guaranteed! We’re recruiting!

(Bill HInkley) #8

Come fly with us! We don’t break up like CO2!

(Bill HInkley) #9

Big Boom Boom here! Come fly with us!

(Nei Lan) #10

Still out here in Null. Getting some moon mining up.