Manchester, England - EVE Manchester

(Momiji Sakora) #1

In its debuting year, EVE MANCHESTER will be hosted at Sandinista in the heart of Manchester’s city centre on the 22nd July.

Newbie and veteran Eve Online players - or those just curious - are all WELCOME!

You are welcome to bring alliance flags and decor to hang at the venue!

You must be age 18+ to attend.

For more details on the location, social media and more visit the website.

(Adratea) #2

Come along. We have PINS and STICKERS! :parrotwave7:

(Saint Michaels Soul) #3

4-6 people from GMVA will be attending:
Saint Michaels Soul
Axa Dax
Nihilaus Vause
Katherine Austrene

(NickyYo) #4

I’m well up for this! look at this event… hidden away on these forums… When’s the next one??