Manufacturing roles in corporations suck


but I don’t know how best to introduce it so that it’s best explained and players don’t trash the idea because it doesn’t go in their own direction when it could be useful to everyone. And maybe avoid having only bodies full of alt and finally have a tool that helps industrial bodies. Without being only for the industrialists. Because it can also allow other bodies to allow their members to help without giving them every opportunity to ■■■■ things up.

Because there are many things that allow you to avoid giving too many rights while still allowing you to help others.

And with my shitty English, it’s not easy to try and explain that.

What is your primary language? Perhaps try find some other people and get some help flushing out what it is your trying to say and translating it.

The CSM has a dedicated area and they are pretty well versed at ignoring bollocks and trolls.

Why do you need to “give out rights” to anyone before he can produce things for your corp?
You can give out a Blueprint Copy with the desired runs and the mats needed, add a collateral if you don’t really trust him and agree on a reward (higher buyback price) to keep the motivaition up and thats it. He can use his private jobs in the Citadel’s factory and give back the produced items afterwards, to get his reward. Doesn’t need any other rights for that than just basic factory usage.

Many aspects of eve online have been simplified.
Why not simplify them a little for the industrial side?

We simplify everything left and right, we give rights and access to simplify certain things. But not for the industrial side.

You’d have to keep in mind that industrial companies have to struggle because they’re useless in the eyes of many players.

I don’t agree, why create tools if in the end they don’t work as described. That’s rubbish.

But it’s true that copies are a boring alternative, but we know how to do it.

On the other hand, making it so that players can produce a copy using the corporation’s portfolios without giving them access to everyone’s list and being able to undo what the entire corporation is doing. Sa serait bien utile aussi.

Because I don’t necessarily want my members to use their money to produce stuff for the corporation (even if I make them use copies). And also for the player, he doesn’t necessarily want to use his money for production when it’s for his guild.

We’re helping many other aspects of gaming, but the industry should stay in the caveman era by trying to find less tedious methods, which isn’t possible in the current state. I don’t agree with that.

If we help other aspects of the game and very often the same aspect, pve combat, pvp. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t occasionally do a little something to help the industrial side.

Especially as I’m sorry, we don’t ask for much. It’s not an aspect that encourages cheating, just a little more simplicity when it comes to developing corporate projects.
That’s all I’m asking. After that, I completely understand that you don’t share this opinion because you don’t see the interest that this can have on a small or large scale.
I understand that for you it’s totally logical that industrial corporations are complicated to manage and that they don’t need any help. And even more so that if a corporation wants to do large-scale projects and if it wants to give work to its members while using its funds, then the CEO must either have total confidence at 200% with its members by giving them exaggerated access or simply do like everyone else and only make alt corporations.
But I think it’s a shame that as soon as we want to do something for the industrial part and set up industrial communities, we can’t do it because we’ll necessarily have to trust them 200% and give them too much access.

If I remember correctly, speaking of access, for the refueling of citadels, it’s possible to make sure that the guild member has access to put in fuel. But not to take it back. Transposed to the level of accesses, it’s the same thing for the production that we want to do, so that the person can produce without cancelling everything.

After that, the CEO isn’t safe either, if he doesn’t manage his mineral reserves with precision and stores everything in one place, or if he works in bulk with his BPOs or BPCs. The player can very well produce more astronomical quantities than expected and empty stocks that were intended for something else.
Transposing this to the refuel level, the player can induce the same way by never putting enough fuel in the citadels to ennoy the others.

So where does all this leave us? It’s to try and make you understand that roles have been created in the history of eve to help players without making their lives too simple, so they always have to be careful without having roles that simplify what they allow so much that there’s no more freedom for the player.

In fact, allowing the player to prevent a project from being cancelled but just to help is just a help and would allow industrial corp to evolve and have real industrial corp with players and not 90% of the time industrial corp with alt.

But it wouldn’t take away from the management and attention that the CEO should have, if he groups all his minerals in one place and only works in BPO or in BPC that are too generous (so too many work cycles) well he’s not safe from a player producing too much and sabotaging reserves and delapidating the money from the portfolios to which the player has access (if the player has access).

But it would just allow a bit more freedom and simplicity in the industrial corp.

You can’t imagine how much of a plus that would be for this game.

Eve is a difficult game, but it’s a game where you can bond with your fellow players.
And with the possibility that you don’t have access because a role is a bit messed up in terms of access, well, that kind of breaks the cohesion that you could have with your players for this part of the game. Yes, there are other ways, but when you have a corporation, the aim is to simplify certain things when setting it up. Whether it’s war, projects, etc…

Why help many other aspects of the game and not this one?

I’m sorry if I’m expressing myself badly, but I’m having a hard time making sure that the Deepl translation from FR to ENG is as accurate as possible.

Well, I don’t think it is even possible to implement what you wish for. The game cannot check if the intentions of the player using the corporate resources are “bad” or “good”. Anyone who has any access to anything can do bad things with it. So, like for all other parts of EVE: Consider everything that another player can even remotely touch as already lost.

the issue that a member can just create a Job and cancel it to get the reward is a big problem.
it’s just a matter of time till someone gets the idea and starts farming opportunities at the cost of the corp.

it’s beyond me why that is the case, getting paid pre-delivery makes no sense at all.