If you want to face tank missions and not pay much attention marauders are great. Useful if you have a poor connection

that said I far prefer to max income, so burner blitzing is where it’s at, uses mostly frigate/cruiser skills. And the mach is great to have to run the various regular lv4 missions you want to run as well as the occasional storylines to maintain faction standings.

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What are burners missions ?

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Lv 4 anomic mission where you fight enemies in another level of dificulty.

Many variation of them. Needed various of ships blinged to the teeth.

@Billy_Sanchezo if you stay here in the PVE section, there are 2 threads about burner missions and what ships to use and deal with them.
When you think you have enough experience to face them, I suggest you take the ships from the guide and try the missions on the test server.
Those ships need very special gear and a loss of them can get expensive very quickly, so try them first where it doesn’t hurt, so you know what you will have to deal with.


Trained Marauders 5

found no use for my golem outside of Lv’4s and the golem wasn’t stellar there. Yes, it tanked like an actual tank, but the dmg wasn’t much of an upgrade over the RNI (Raven navy issue).

That was long before the rattlesnake got as strong as it is nowadays, so I would chose a rattle over a golem for Lv4 any day (+ you can also fly the rattle as an Alpha I believe).

would like to fly a golem in PvP, but the price tag is just insane for that.

here’s a direct link to my fits. there’s a bunch more in the first few posts, and there’s a few youtube playlists out there

in general I don’t think the bling requirement is too bad, since the payouts are nice enough most ships pay for themselves rather quickly. but with abyssal deadspace and mutaplasmids certain prices have spiked so it might be worth revisiting some fits and making adjustments. And taking a look at various optimizations that can be made with mutated mods.

If anything SP is the biggest barrier for most pilots, really need lv4-5 support skills, t2 weapons, frig/cruiser 5 to get the most out of the usual ships. I’d suggest the garmur first as it can do all 4 team missions, and from there a daredevil as it can do several pirate burners. From there you can pick up the wolf and hawk and do all the frigate burners.

For the cruiser burners vigilant for the angel base and then vagabond or deimos for the serpentis base, vaga is a bit faster, deimos is a bit safer. Then a gila for the blood base, although it might be worth skipping that one, I haven’t min/maxed that hard though. I do always skip the gurista base though.


I ran a few number, and even after loot, best of bases is angel>blood>serpentis

Even with the drop of 300M module in base serpentis (average 20M loot per run, ie +35% isk/mission), the amount of time required shuts the isk/h to the ground. it’s only slightly better than blood when you are not in tight constellations (ie you need to warp more than 4 jumps)

looks like you’re right, I guess I never added in the extra 3-4k lp from back when it was stuck below max payout.

IMHO not worth it. I regret training them, I have mine at lvl 5 but I don’t wanna dump the points just yet. The bastion module makes you immobile for too long thus making them worthless for L5s. Fot L5s you need to get in quick, blap what you need to blab and GTFO ASAP, and I do mean ASAP, can’t do that in a marauder if you use bastion, and if you don’t use bastion then there is no point of being in a marauder.

They are no good for blitzing, I do most of mine in a Gila, some in a Loki and some in Cynabal. The epic arcs I solo in a Navy Scorp. Way more flexible and better ship.

The salvaging does not justify the time spent on it, you actually lose a ton of ISK by doing it unless you do it only while you are still fighting, then its extra cash.

If you are going to play EVE for the long haul, are lazy, like running missions for full clears, and got isk to burn, then yes, marauders are a fun addition to your fleet of ships.

With bastion modules, marauders get near immunity from ewar. Saves a lot on mission times and annoyance, and awesome for missions like Dread Pirate Scarlet, The Assault(Serpentis), etc… Especially for ewar like sensor damps which are still at full strength, but ecm got nerfed… :confounded:

Marauders aren’t necessarily gank magnets either, as T2 fit is overpowered for lv4 missions, and often tougher than blinged-out faction ships that can cost more in the end.

And as someone mentioned above, find the weapon system you like, then the marauder to match. Don’t listen to blah blah blah, Paladin sucks, blah blah… All the marauders perform quite well, and all are overpowered for high sec anyways. It’s more about your playstyle. I prefer blaster Kronos over ac vargur myself.

Personally, I have only found Serpentis to really be worth doing full clears. On Lv4 Assault(Serpentis) I generally get 20mil isk bounties, about matching 20mil isk salvage, and 5mil isk loot. I lazily run that in about 45 min, in a half-ass build Kronos, and hardly use drones. And that’s despite all the crazy sensor damping. That’s about 60mil isk/hr. Someone a bit more hardcore could run it much faster I’m sure. :sweat_smile:

To sum up, marauders are comfortable “end game” ships, are great for mission full clears with their designed extra utility highs and luxurious cargo space, have great dps and Demi-God-like tank, and a lot of freedom from ewar nuisance.


Woah, L4 seems to be really worth a lot in term of salvage ._.
I generally doesn’t take the time to refit my Cormorant with Salvagers to salvage the wrecks of the L2 (I don’t even look in them), but do the mission start to have enough wrecks in L3 to justify the use of a salvaging destroyer ? Also, I noticed the scanning frigates have a bonus to Salvager cycle time, would they be a better salvage ship compared to destroyers ? Thanks !

Also, I think once I’ll get an Omega subscription, destroyers won’t be enough to salvage L4s, maybe a Noctis will start to justify its cost here ?


I made a few full clear, most missions go below 5M (some even less than 1M), some reach 10M and that’s it.

I suppose the most valuable ones in term of salvage have the most ennemies per pocket ?

not sure. I just made like 10 missions and noted the whole loot after salvaging to have an idea of what can be popped.
It was … well, at least I learnt something.

When you blitz you can make ±50M raw isk per hour(bounty + reward). Then you have the LP which can be worth twice that (if you get 1k LP for 1M reward+bounty, and 2k isk/LP - usually it’s more for the first, and can be more than the second with good choice). and the loot. That means, you can get 150M/h blitzing the missions.

When you salvage, you spend a lot of time for salvaging. Even if you salvage while killing rats, you are focused on two things and you go slower. Also if you are fast enough your salvage drones won’t keep up - and you wnat to be fast. In the end you rather use a salvager boat (catalyst or noctis, I don’t really see a difference) and an indus ship to pick up the mtus and loot. but the gain of isk is very tiny.

The marauders are good in that regard, because they have good cargo to hold MTUs. Some missions have 4 pockets, in each you want to place a MTU, if you use anything but T1 energy ammos/drones it may not be possible - but marauders have good cargo and half ammo consumption.

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I did state that in my experience it’s been Serpentis that has the best salvage(in high sec). That particular mission consistently averages 20mil isk in salvage, sometimes as low as 16mil other times as high as 26mil.

You should mission in gallente space to get the best odds of rolling serpentis missions if you are interested. They tend to drop the more valuable salvage like Contaminated Lorentz Fluid and such. There was a time that angel cartel used to drop valuable salvage, but alloyed trit bars market tanked IIRC.

And yes, Lv4 Assault(Serpentis) is one of the biggest missions, 3 pockets, lots of enemy battleships, 20mil isk in bounties. I usually farm that same mission for the full 6-7 days possible before it expires, if/when I’m in the mood for full clears.

Look at it this way, if you want to sell that salvage stuff for isk you can but if it is worth it, I leave up to you.
In my case, I have a lot of rig blue print originals and I make my own tech one rigs, so I do not need to pay some fantasy dream prices some machines have determined.

That doesn’t earn me any isk but I also spend much less if I need to buy stuff.

Some bigger level 3 and level 4 missions drop a lot of meta modules that give you a nice supply of “free” modules that you can use for pvp, which also saves you isk when you need to buy things.
Modules like propulsion, weapon upgrades, propulsion jamming, electronic warfare, cap boosters and batteries, remote repair modules, capacitor recharge modules, shield recharge modules and some other modules are worth for me (and only me because I play the game wrong and my LP store still refuses to pay me by the hour, on the hour) to collect in a container somewhere, so I don’t pay someone else to collect the modules for 5 million isk.

That way I can fit a lot of ships with free of charge modules and only have to pay goons to watch their capital sooper mega-OMG-BBQ-rapid-ancillary-heavy-fighter mining drones mine for them, so they charge you a premium for server versus the environment “mining ops” or more commonly known as the “highsec pays for our sov bills” tax or tech 2 for short.

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Ah, I think it’s now that I am going to regret my -1 in relation with the Gallente Federation -_-
I think I’ll stay with Caldari agents for a while. I still need to level up my standings with a second corporation just in case I fail with Hyasyoda.

Excuse me, I didn’t really understood this part ._.
I know the Goons are a massive alliance, but I thought they were rolling in null security areas, and not in highsec :confused:

Also, I would like to know : how are Amarr ships please ? I know energy turrets are damn heavy on the capacitor and that they have extremely strong armor tanks, but is there anything more I should know about those ships ? They have a very nice model in-game ^^

There is a spike in T2 materials. People think it’s because goon is playing the market, null being the only producer of T2 craft items.

+1 to this. Remember, it’s not always about raw ISK. Convenience, adding value to materials to make more ISK (i.e. building and selling rigs), or just digging the fact that you built your own stuff all have value as well in the overall experience.

Try it out and see how you feel about the different approaches presented here.


Yes, you are correct, amarr ships tend to have a lot of low-slots for great armor tanking. But for balance they tend to have less mid-slots causing less adaptability.

Lasers tend to focus on optimal range and less on falloff range, which has pluses and minuses, but again all part of balance. T1 laser crystals are also infinite ammo, and reloading is instant which is nice. T2 and faction crystals do wear out tho. And if core ship skills are maxed, usually you don’t have much cap issues, since amarr ships tend to have bigger cap as well.

If you are in the game for the long haul, cross-training races to fly their ships is definitely a fun way to get a nice wide variety of play styles.