Market Price Chasing

This is a good way of describing it.

The main issue is there is NO market data to speak of on EVE.

It has volume but you dont know if they are buys or sells.

It has a price but it inaccurately reflects the working price in the market you’re in.

That’s it…pretty trash llol.

Sooooo…the only way to gauge the weather when you dont have a wind sock is to feel the pull of the sheet against your hand as your trim the sale [I meant sail but in context of the metaphore this makes a great pun]…and to view the white caps of the waves.

All meaningless to wind speed/direction in instrument readings and knots…

But to a sailor…it is everything.

I can tell you guys are desperate for 250mm turrets right now

and GC.
and BCS ? The isk volume is so low …
and hulk, too.

And soon stork, rokh, raptors …

Uh, welcome to nullsec warfare since 2017?
This isn’t new.

lmao, what?
you think people are gonna buy Rokhs in Jita and export them to nullsec?

Not a clue.



if 25 are bought every day and there remains 11 on sale, how long ?
(I’m not saying the price will increase. I’m just saying there will be a shortage)

Omg, you can’t possibly be this thick.

Here, let me leave this screencap for you if you actually think people are buying Rokhs and shipping them out to nullsec. Let’s see if you can connect the dots on this.


No, I am another one.

I literally told you I have no clue. What is it inside this sentence that your brain can’t process ?
If I have no clue, what’s the point of trying to make interpretation ?

You can’t be THAT dense to not be able to understand a simple thing as “I have no clue”.

OK I think you misunderstood me :
“I have no clue” here should be replaced, for dense people, by “I don’t give a ■■■■ about the reason”. It’s just a more polite way to express the same thing, but it seems you are too dense to understand things written in a polite way, so for the sake of you being able to comprehend that weird notion I have to write it in such a direct way.

I didn’t say it was new lol

This might be the reason havent noticed.

Theres a pretty obvious cutoff where volume may be high but it’s too competitive to do anything meaningful with

I price my items reasonably, then ignore them for 3 days.

If the order doesn’t fill, then i adjust.

On high trade-volume things, like minerals and such, there is no need to be at the top. Near the top is good enough.

On lower trade-volume items, you may want to go for the top (lowest sale, highest buy) then ignore the order for a few days.

Always check how many units trade per day, and how many are currently on the market, when deciding how to price orders.

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