Market Undercutting is a crime

Please stop trying to undercut market orders for that quick sale.

It only shows how desperate you are in making a quick sale.


It would be cheaper for you to just buy one at the buy price and not try to undercut an actual buy order!

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But is it a real-life one? :thinking:

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Free market capitalism. The very foundation of EVE…



A crime?
What a load of absolute rubbish.
It’s business, simple as that.
Lower overheads, lower production costs etc enable a lower sale cost whilst maintaining profit margins.

Nonsense is a crime.
Fine → 1 billion ISK.

Don’t listen to her Frostpacker, instead I offer you a prime quality Fine for only 999.999.999 ISK.



Undercutting is a way to tell you “Get lost from my market”. You are the criminal for competing with me.

Added to that comes that only the very first order sells, regardless of where people double click to buy. It is imperative to be at the top to sell something, especially in slow moving market segments.

I love it when people do this I just keep baiting them to give me good deals.
And you drop the amount of items you sell per order a little at a time to make them think they are wearing you out and them boom 20x the amount or items sold to psychologically destroy them.

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That’s just what I used to do with clone tags, back when there was huge variation in price across Eve. At one point there was the absurdity of tags costing 30m in Tama and 50m just 6 or 7 jumps away. I’d undercut the 50m and still make a nice profit.

I did the same with ammo. I could not understand why the person I was undercutting would suddenly try to undercut me too with a quantity 100 times mine but at lower price…rather than just wait for my rather small amount to be sold and then sell their original stock. I got the impression some have an automated system doing this.

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Was probably a frostpacker

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It is actually called “Market PVP”. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the Game.

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Either another undercutting or a mistake, it would be a crime if it was a mistake to sell plex this low on current market value.

No one undercuts by that much, a mistake he probably regrets lol…

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Probably a kid that can’t wait

Plot twist: It’s a Frostpacker alt not even Felix was aware of.

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I’ve always undercut, supply and demand. If there a huge supply, it’ll drive the prices down, no?

So a simple trick is known that a few or perhaps many market pirates would buy the higher item if some other criminal undercuts the market price and then this market pirate would re-list said item at a slightly lower price and then thus actively could go on and on until one of the market pirates decides to buy up all of the lower priced items.

The market should just have a pool for plex.

When you sell your plex it is poured into the pool and an average price is shown on the market.


Poor Frostpacker got market ganked by market gankers.