Antiganking is a crime

Just a friendly reminder.

I know it seems funny at the time, but consequences will never be the same…


lol, i wonder if he thinks the catalyst was worth the almost 10b loss.

please tell me that you also have local chat logs of him smugging.


Did you attack first?

I have trouble to imagine a player flying a Covetor in highsec on one day and a full bling Marshal on another day.


I have much amusement to think that.

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Did he thought that dual tank will save him? I’m looking forward to see his next fit, betting that it’s gonna include a hull repper as well.

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Yet another off topic CODE undercover recruitment thread


How is talking about this off topic in C&P?

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“ANTIGANKING IS A CRIME” according to Wich CCP rules? I know it’s a crime on CODE rules, so if you claiming it’s a crime , then you are roleplaying a CODE agent, Wich puts this title itself out of crime and punishment topic.

What have CCP got to do with it?


Everything , we are tied to their rules, and ANTIGANKING is not a crime.

And therefore this thread is where you make the case for it.

But the Marshall fit is totally a crime and looks like it was punished.


Thank you for relieving the aforementioned inbred travesty of a Marshal from its suffering.

I imagine a sigh was carried far into the void on solar winds at the very moment it died.

Such a sad waste of a beautiful hull. It’s always sad when the pretty ones die, even if they’re damaged on the inside.


But it is very on topic. AG is a crime against humanity.


Nope, we are not.

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Oh really? So you are ok to botting and such? cause there ARE rules against that.

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LOL, while this is indeed funny, let me explain what’s going on here for those that got lost in the details or simply didn’t check them.

The two kills in the OP are unrelated, they happened in different systems on different days.

The first kill is simply a miner trying to oppose a gank happening to another miner next to him, as you may see by checking that ganker’s KB for that day. It’s weird that the Covetor would have a scram, but other than that neither that kill nor the pilot can really be considered AG.

The second kill appears to simply be a blingy Marshal ganked at some gate while traveling. It just happened to be the same pilot that was flying the Covetor in the first kill, which is what has allowed the OP to “connect” both kills and make this funny thread.

The OP is making fun of the fact that a miner that “broke the law” (The Code) by trying to oppose a gank on another miner, was “brought to justice” (by CODE) the day after. The “crime” the OP is talking about was to break The Code by opposing a gank, not any crime in the sense of Crimewatch.

HTH. :smile:


All Im saying to the detractor is that C&P is more about CW than “CCP’s Rules” (by which they seem to mean the EULA now).

But it should be stressed that, as you will know, C&P predates CW and so the crimes and their punishments have ALWAYS been what players devise.

I was once part of Standards & Practices, and Zedrick Cayne was one of the best at bringing incompetantly dangerous CEOs to justice, and I am very proud to have flown with the IEEE when I was a little noob.

Sadly those days are gone, replaced with people who are genuinely serious when they call ganking and awoxxxing “crimes”.

In EvE, justice shpuld always be in the eye of the beholder, and if we must argue abput its morality I think we miss the point.

Whats more fun than hunting?
Easy; evading the overdog not by quitting or hiding in a station or begging for nerfs/buffs but actually using the hundreds of tools the game provides to get away.

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Here are the official rules outlawing antiganking:

New Order territory is a safe space for suicide gankers. Miners are required to put aside their prejudices and treat gankers with respect.

Prejudice toward minorities is not permitted.


The irony of this, this is how you should treat gankers like every other player in EvE.

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