Antiganking is a crime

Gankers have been through a lot over the years, but we will continue to uphold the honor and dignity of the CODE, helping miners to find their way back to civilization.

The griefers and antigankers often abuse us, and that’s fine if it keeps them from abusing their friends and family irl, but we remain committed to saving highsec from degradation and unethical unsustainable illicit mining.


Still role playing, you are. :wink:

Telling you to stop mining isn’t roleplay. You are mining, in real life. I am telling you, in real life, get a permit or get wrecked. This is me, in real life, telling you (in real life) to accept James into your heart (in real life) and be saved from your sin!


Antiganking is definitely a crime against good taste

I would also add, that not only is it a crime, but an active form of rebellion against the democratically elected government and therefor constitutes high treason and terrorism

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Poor Marshal I hope his in blingy heaven.

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OP spelled joke in a funny way in the thread title. :smiling_imp:

ba dum tsh


Don’t be daft, you know exactly what I mean.

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You said with all the words that we are not tied to their rules

In-game rules. I did not say anything about TOS or EULA. You assumed I meant that. You shouldn’t assume

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Those are the only ones that matter. Everything else…is just a question who has the bigger stick. CODE wants to enforce their “laws”? Fine by me. I just don’t care. They are just targets anyways. And their rhetoric? Please, as if anyone took them seriously.

Thats the problem

Those who dont end up as guests of honour on Minerbumping gurning their lamps out.

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And that should interest me exactly why? Why should i pay attention to the dribble on one blog on the internet? Breitbart has more content than this site. And more information. The editor should pay a visit to FOXNews, there you can see what fake news is all about. And maybe take a hint or two.

You literally are missing the point just to be “cool”.


I think the word you are looking for is “obtuse”. Obviously, it’s a cool thing to be mentioned on EVE’s foremost government website.

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No, no, not cool.

I just think their reaction is dumb.

And encourages others to be dumb.

…right… and dumb is not cool, right?

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Dumb is even less cool than being a Poindexter, daddio.

Even the square cats dig that vibe.

Of course crime and punishment is the correct place for this post. Glad to see this terrorist and his Marshall brought to justice.

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