The problem with C&P

Enough said


Well… it’s only a crime when it happens in High Sec. :man_shrugging:

If you like to discuss something different, why not start a thread?
Oh right… you just have. Never mind me. :sweat_smile:

I also have another a few posts down. I was pretty much taking the piss with the other threads though

Yeah, too many people are fixated on Ganking.

At first they didnt care.

Then they lose an expensive ship because they autopiloted through uedama or niarja.

They get angry.

They post on forums thinking it will fix the problem in the hopes that they can get reimbursed by CCP if CCP changes their rules.

People post responses in those threads and create new ones, because Ganking is fun and a core mechanic and people should just learn to scout and web their precious cargo.

Those people go out and gank more, just to prove a point.

Rinse, repeat.

Only from a players point of view.

From the Devs point of view, its never a crime when someone in hisec threatens to murder and rape your entire family for killing a single mining barge worth 30 million.

But when GigX threatens to cut off someones hand for stealing hundreds of billions, suddenly its a crime.

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Meta complaints on ganking are now the newest thing. :nerd_face:

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