MASS Corp are Recruiting

The Ministry of Amarrian Secret Service (MASS) are currently opening up a limited recruitment for certain pilots who we feel will make good additions to the corp. We are mostly a bunch of bitter old vets now, with many of us starting the game way back in 2003, so if you’re old school and returning the game and want some like minded people to play with, then we could be what you’re looking for.
We are currently members of Pandemic Horde.

Please note that currently MASS is EU heavy, although we are looking to increase of US time zone presence as well.

What we can offer:

A close, tight knit group of pilots who will move heaven and earth to help you, but mock you mercilessly when you balls up.
Content wherever we go. Ranging from subs all the way to supers with pretty explosions to light up your screen. (not you ofc)
Home in null sec that you can rat/mine/build in to make your cash.
Some of the best logistics in the game for getting your stuff from Jita to the front line.

What we expect from you:

Able and willing to fly all doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
Dread and Carrier essential.
PvP experienced with both sub-caps and caps.
Provide complete and full APIs for all accounts. (if you have alts that you don’t tell us about, we will find them!)

If you’re interested in joining, or just want some more info, either reply to this post, join our public channel "MASS Corp, or contact Fisty, Shone or myself in game.



Up for `muricas TZs, our Yankees need more numbers :slight_smile:

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We can use some more bodies.


Great group of people, can recommend - tons of action available all over Eve!


Peeps listen up !

I have been invited into MASS Dec 2017, corp activity was mediocre back then, but even then i noticed the corp potential, quality over quantity.

This ancient corp with mature and fun people makes me think of my former relic corp “Celestial Apocalypse” known as Celes, a very long time ago.

Finally after 10 years i once again found and joined a very awesome group of players :slight_smile:
(I meeted some at the London 2018 Nov17th gathering )

Since i joined, the corp has been growing steadily, more and more activity with likewise people joining us, so a healthy corp we are !

I’m playing 15 years now almost nonstop, and i must say that this corp has been one of the best i ever joined in my “EvE career”

Greets from Belgium o\ !!1

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Rooms are vacant for those that wants a new home

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We are still taking quality pilots!

good chaps!

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Still open to take in some quality people :slight_smile:

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still open for the right ppl

Up it goes

If I were to join a group I would go with N3

yes i want

Great corp here, you could do way worse

Bump :slight_smile:

Up it goes :wink:

TO the topp. We still have vacant rooms


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