MASS Corp are Recruiting

The Ministry Of Amarrian Secret Service (MASS) are currently opening up a limited recruitment for certain pilots who we feel will make good additions to the corp.
We are currently members of Mercenary Collation and so, pilots who join must be prepared to lead a nomadic eve life, going to where the fight is based, depending on what our employers lay out as our objectives.

Please note that currently MASS is EU heavy, although we are looking to increase of US time zone prescience as well.

What we can offer:

A close, tight knit group of pilots who will move heaven and earth to help you, but mock you mercilessly when you balls up.
Content wherever we go. Ranging from subs all the way to supers with pretty explosions to light up your screen. (not you ofc)
A pocket of null sec that you can rat/mine/build in to make your cash.
Some of the best logistics in the game for getting your stuff from Jita to the front line.

What we expect from you:

Able and willing to fly all doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
Dread and Carrier essential.
PvP experienced with both sub-caps and caps.
Provide complete and full APIs for all accounts. (if you have alts that you don’t tell us about, we will find them!)

If you’re interested in joining, or just want some more info, either reply to this post, join our public channel "MASS Corp, or contact Fisty, Shone or myself in game.



Part of EvE history, thumbs up for legends!

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Joined recently and this corp feels like home. Really nice bunch of great lads :slight_smile:

Plenty of opportunities for pvp in all possible scales (from small roaming gangs, camps to blobs) and places (null, low sec, empire), amazing logistics, great alliance SRP program and options to make isk in industry and null space.

and time for a shameless bump

Think we need a fresh one :wink:


Come join our merry lot

Nice guys! You will find a good home there.

Thumbs up from a bittervet!

to the top we go

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Still looking for the right members.

we are still looking for a few good menn/women

still room

And up again :slight_smile:

Still opento take some extraordinary gentlemen! :slight_smile:

Very good group of people.

Whenever I come back to this game, I always check in with the MASS fellas to see whats going on.

On my first days of joining Eve back in '03, I remember seeing MASS winning the Amarr Tournament. (More info here) - The nostalgic feeling of being part of the same legacy, is great.

Nowadays this corp is full of colorful personalities with a lot of activity!
Join up and have some fun with us!

And up it goes :slight_smile:

UPDATE: We are members of Shadow Cartel now and we are still open to a few fine pilots to join us :slight_smile:

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