[MASSN] Now Recruiting - Your New Industrial / Mining Corp [USTZ] [HS/LS]

Today is your day to join a new industry corporation where opportunities exist for you to manufacture, PVE, Mine, and socialize in New Eden. Mass is a new startup corporation looking for new and old pilots. You incredible few who have that unique love of the asteroid fields and the rewards of creation look no further. Actively operating in the US/PST US/CT 7pm central -12pm pacific 02:00-07:00 eve time timezone and a few EST TZ players. WE would like to expand leadership and player base in all TZ’s where possible. Consider bringing PVP main/alts for alternative content

[[ Looking for 4 more people in each US West, Central, and East Timezones. ]]

*** RL Parents Strongly Welcomed, Most of us are ***

----- What can we offer? -----

Pretty much the same as everyone else, just better :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Routine High sec mining ops.
  2. Wormhole Exploration, random “Just for Fun” fleets, and high adrenaline Low sec.
  3. Access to better than public high sec manufacturing and reprocessing
  4. Most important of all, a social group of not so AFK pilots to run with.
  5. Discord

----- No Demands -----

That’s right, RL is a big thing for most of us as well. Thus there are no expectations of our members except you enjoy the time you are online and leave the drama at home. It’s internet spaceships afterall!

Are you a newbro? We are happy to help you with any aspect of your focused career.

*** Fleet ships often available.***

Join MASSN in game now and lets get you rolling.

Go for CST, Drop in and have a chat

Did some ice mining today…some moon chunk mining tonight

That was a lot of ore last night, we have had a couple people join up, still plenty of room

looking to mine some, build some, shoot some…come on by and chat

we also be helping with PVE and visiting some WH’s

it’s Friday, time for some weekend shenanigans…

Go for PST. Come have a chat.

low stress, no CTA’s, no demands on play time, show up when you are able and do what you can/want

Hey there new player here, lookin to get into the game in my spare time. I bought the game like 3 years ago originally due to stories from a friend who has played since day 1 and all the news stories I saw over the years. The initial curve hit me hard, being used to hand holding MMOs, and I had many other fun games to play at the time with friends and stopped fairly quickly. Havent touched it since, but I think im ready to hop in now and need some fun people to play with.

Ive been trying to read some helpful resources today but really would like an active group that is cool with helping me learn and who use voice chat.

I am interested in mining, crafting, playing the market and exploration. If I remember correctly, my character was being trained for mining mostly so far but im unsure entirely as I will be logging in in the morning. I see other people mentioning their SP, I have 200,000 free skill points if that is what they are refering to.

I am 24 years old, have a family, work more than full time and so may or may not be super active, all depends. I live in EST time zone and play times vsry from morning to afternoon to late night depending on my erratic work schedule. I play all sorts of games but not as much time for em anymore. Id be in discord most of the time but not 100% of the time and might not always be able to chat, so sometimes just listen and type if its late.

Shoot me a response if you have any questions or how to join up. I am off work tomorrow and will be on in the morning while the kids are at daycare.

absolutely, thanks for dropping a message. our discord info is in our public chat channel, Drop on by

corp fleet ops are corp supported, we will pass out the ships needed, so no risk to your isk

Hello! i have a few questions. do you accept corps? i have a citadel so just curious. also, do you own any pocos for PI? and what region of space are you mainly based in for your high sec stuff? looking forward to hear from you

We are affiliated with an alliance so you will need to work with them on corp acceptance. They have pocos and our Hq is in essence. drop in chat sometime o/

things are starting to pick up, multiple ops planned for this weekend, still plenty of time go join in the fun

PM me, eve mail me, drop in on our public chat room, or even our discord channel

Got some Ops planned for this weekend, still time to join. New Bro’s welcome, we will be happy to help you get started in your EVE career.

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we will be out doing “stuff” tonight, drop on the our public channel “MASSN”

added a few, could use more

Go for PST, Lets do this.