[MASSN] The New Home for Elite Miners, Builders, and PVE pilots

Today’s the day you join New Edens Mass industry corporation. Where opportunities exist for you to manufacture, PVE, Mine, and socialize in New Eden. Mass Solutions is a new startup corporation who manufactures the toys EvE destroys. We are always looking for new and old pilots who specialize in industry career roles. We are a full time null sec corporation and need guys to take advantage of the profitable and exciting null opportunities.

** Currently operating and recruiting within the USTZ’s. **
Although you guys dont seem to care about that much we do accept anyone interested in any timezone :slight_smile:

----- What can we offer? -----

  • A structured goal oriented corporation
  • Highly valuable null sec moon mining.
  • Corporate Wide “Special” events
  • Access to better than public high sec manufacturing and reprocessing
  • Structured goal oriented compensation and profit sharing
  • Flexibility for in game content. Join other teams for day ops and keeping it real.
  • Mature Audience, No Drama, and No War Decs.
  • Discord Shenanigans and updates
  • Ship replacement program(s)

----- Requirements -----

RL is a big thing for most of us and expected. We do need a moderate activity level and participation. We expect our members enjoy the time you are online and leave the drama at home. It’s internet spaceships my friends! Lets go!

  • Potential Recruits need experience or be willing to actually learn null sec life…
  • All pilots need to have a specialization (Mining, Indy, PVE, Exploring)
  • We are a team based corporation, thus we want team players.
  • Ability to follow direction, play smart, and play for fun.
  • Extensive interview process instead of API’s

Join MASSN chat channel in game

Or stop by and say hi in discord

There I was, floating around in a puny ship, until Mass Solutions took me in. They showed me the ways, the ways of becoming the Industrialist, and now my family is proud and will finally return my calls.

Come by and say hi and you too can be the envy of your extended family, including that one cousin who is a brain surgeon by day and professional alcoholic by night.

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Don’t be shy. Bring your pets. Bring your grandma. Come on by.

My young nephew Horace sat on my knee as we looked out over the open expanse of asteroids reading for mining, and he turned to me and said, “Unca Ish, when can I make millions of ISK?” Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite hear his voice, muffled by his oversized helmet. So I took it off, which now I see as a mistake because, you know, he needed that oxygen. Even still, my answer to my young nephew, should have been this: Join Mass Solutions! Instead, all I said was, “Why are you making that strange gasping sound?”

Visit discord server, lets have a chat.

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