[MASSN] Now Recruiting - Your New Industrial / Mining Corp [USTZ] [HS/LS]


(Erytnicmcire) #21

If you are interested in partnering w/nullsec Alliance located in Providence and doing NRDS, stop by our diplo channel to explore the possibilities.


(Ragg Naro) #22

pst go go go

(Fuji Tamura) #23

been a couple of days, we have been busy, added a couple more people, out and about tonight (Friday night 10/12) pop into public in game channel MASSN

(Ragg Naro) #24

go for the west coast o7

(Ragg Naro) #25

A little friday night eve time. Drop in say hi

(Ragg Naro) #26

Any EST miner / indy pilots interested in joining up please feel free to hit me up during the day as well. We have a couple of guys in Eastern US TZ and we would like to find some more. Hit me up in MASSN or eve mail me.

(Ragg Naro) #27

Recruitment closed til further notice

(Ragg Naro) #28

Despite the current war dec Recruitment will continue. Looking for New pilots, veterans, RL Parents are strongly encouraged. All who love the social life of mining and industrial activities. We are open to all TZ’s since we have a couple of guys in the US EST but primary eve time is 02:00-07:00. Corp buy backs, high sec moon mining, null options, and PVE.

(Ragg Naro) #29

Expanding the reach to more leadership and player base in all TZ’s Come chat!

(Ragg Naro) #30

Come say hi! 2 new guys and always room for more.

(Ragg Naro) #31

Go for USTZ’s

(Ragg Naro) #32

Open to the public. Come join us.